Child Birthday Party Ideas

Here you will find some child birthday party ideas and tips to prepare for an enjoyable day for your child. Celebrating a child birthday party need not be lavish. As long as the birthday child had a wonderful time with everybody laughing a lot and many fun things to do (the birthday child gets to open presents and had a cake with HIS/HER name on it), this will make a great party. Fancy dress costumes are a great idea for children's birthday parties. Come in disguise or dress-up during the course of the party!

Young children don't need to know too far ahead about their parties. You may be thinking about it for weeks in advance but to a child, a month is an eternity. A week's notice is much more in keeping with a young child's sense of time.

Number of guest : One rule of thumb is to invite one guest for every year. Four guests for a four-year-old, etc. Another possibility is to plan a small celebration at the child care site plus a family party at home.

Preschoolers are likely to enjoy repeating favorite activities from their everyday life at parties. Find out what games and songs your child likes in child care and include them. Simple yet special party games are often the most effective! Have fun for your child’s birthday party with face-painting, wigs and dress-ups.

All activities planned should be noncompetitive. Think about the interest level of the guests.

Below are other child birthday party ideas and tips to be considered :

1. It is not advisable to give out invitations at school if, not all the child's friends are invited. This is to avoid hurt feelings as it could be a source of rejection for some kids.

2. The party theme should be what a child is interested in at the time eg: dinosaurs, dolls, baseball, etc., NOT what parents think should be of interest.

3. Take plenty of Polaroid photos, individual and group shots, so that each child goes home with at least one photo.

4. Give out favors during the gift opening so every child feels involved and special.

5. Alternatively, have guests make their party favors, such as yarn friendship bracelets.

6. If you give out goody bags, make sure they are identical, both in color and contents. Make up a few extras in case they get lost or broken.

Ultimately, only you and your child can decide what works best. Not all children need a big birthday party .... as long as it is fun! 
Hope the above child birthday party ideas helps.

More Child Birthday Party Ideas :

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Do you have any exciting child birthday party ideas? Send us your ideas so that we can publish it and share it with others.

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