Healthy Eating for Kid

The following are some tips on healthy eating for kid :

Lead by example. In order to train a child in healthy eating, the parent or guardian must also have good eating habits. Don't expect a child to love vegetables when the parent doesn't even touch them.

Don’t keep lots of crisps, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks in the house. Ration them, or keep them in a cupboard to which only you have access. Some children will graze on high-fat, high-salt snacks almost continually if left to their own devices, leaving them too full to eat a proper meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal for children. Ensure that children do not skip this meal. Try a high-fibre, low-sugar cereal, a boiled egg with wholemeal toast, or porridge with milk and fresh orange juice to drink.

Introduce new foods regularly. Your children are never going to eat mussels in a restaurant if they’ve never tried them at home. Let children help you cook – it may be messy and take longer, but it’ll make them interested in what they are eating.

* If your children are aged 10 or above, let them choose and cook a meal themselves sometimes. They can shop for it too, and they’ll love it!

* When you eat out, there’s no reason why it has to be McDonald’s. Take them to a local restaurant.

Try different foods on holiday. Don’t just go for chips ‘n’ sausages.

When you are weaning babies, try to make time to purée what you are eating, without salt. They will grow to love vegetables from an early age.

Encourage children to exercise outside. Tired children are hungry children, and they’ll wolf down whatever’s on the plate.

Healthy eating for kid are important for a child's well being, both mentally and physically. I do hope that all parents and guardians will put in the extra effort to ensure that their child eats a healthy diet from a young age.

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