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Each of the following recipe for toddler is courtesy of BabySpoon:

Tasty Mush

Ingredients : 
- 1/4 apple 
- 1/2 banana 
- 200ml milk 

Instructions : 
1. Grate the apple and mush the banana with a fork. 
2. Add the fruit to the warm milk (use breast milk or formula or follow-on) and stir.

Fish with potato

Ingredients : 
- white fish (cod/hake/haddock) 
- milk or cream 
- 1 potato 
- grated cheese 

Instructions : 
1. Poach the fish in the milk for a few minutes. 
2. Peel the potato, cut it into small pieces and boil it until tender. 
3. Mash the potato with some milk or cream (you can add a little cheese too if you prefer).
4. Flake the fish and mix well with the mashed potato.

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Creamy Chicken Recipe for Toddler

Ingredients : 

- butter 
- 1 shallot 
- 1 tomato 
- double cream 
- diced chicken breasts
- a handful of grated cheddar cheese
- flat leaf parsley 

Instructions : 
1. Melt some butter in a small pan and fry the finely chopped shallot until soft.
2. Add the chicken (cut it into strips) and fry for a few minutes. 
3. Add the skinned and chopped tomato and cook for a couple of minutes. 
4. Add the cream , the cheese and the chopped parsley. 

You can give the strips of chicken as finger food dipped in the cream, or blend.


Ingredients : 
- 1/2 cup very small pasta 
- 1 cup vegetable stock 
- olive oil 
- 1 cheese spread triangle 
- parmesan cheese 

Instructions : 
1. Boil the vegetable stock. 
2. Boil the pasta in the stock (check how long for on the packet instructions, some take as little as 2 mins)
3. Put in a baby bowl, add a drizzle of olive oil and some grated parmisan cheese and stir well.

You can serve it like this or you can enhance the flavour and the calcium content by adding 1 cheese spread triangle and mashing it with a fork mixing it well.

Note : When choosing the pasta, make sure it is the smallest you can find. You can buy very small baby pasta (with added iron and vitamins) from Italian delicatessen, it's worth it but not necessary.

Mushroom and courgette pasta

Ingredients : 
- oil or butter 
- 1 garlic clove 
- mushrooms (2/3 small or 1 large) 
- 1 courgette
- single or double cream
- flat leaf parsley (optional)
- pasta

Instructions : 
1. Squash the garlic and soften for a few minutes in the oil or butter. 
2. Slice the courgette thinly and add with the sliced mushroom. Cook for 3/4 minutes. 
3. Add some cream and cook for another 3/4 minutes. 
4. In the meanwhile boil the pasta (any short shapes are good). 
5. When ready, drain and toss together with the creamy mushroom and courgette.
6. Add finely chopped flat leaf parsley. 

COMMENTS: Only freeze the sauce if you blend it.

Do share with us if you have any other recipe for toddler!

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