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The following resources provide a great help for parent in their journey through parenthood. As parents, we are always interested to find out what other parents used"successfully" in their process of teaching and guiding their children. The following are some proven resources and tools created by parents themselves which are now being shared with other parents, thus reducing the headaches of figuring out what to do in some of these circumstances.

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Dealing with Child Behavioural Problems

Watch a FREE presentation by Chris Thompson (a certified NLP Practitioner and a father of two) on how he use language techniques to dramatically improve the way kids behave. 

* Discover how easy it is to start using language as a tool to get your toddler to go along with you more often. 
* Learn how to diffuse temper tantrums before they start. 
* Learn an ultra-simple but critical “trick” to getting your kids to listen to you. 
* Discover a common language mistake that you’re probably making now. 
* Find out what technique most parents use far too often, making it almost completely useless.

Watch Video Presentations

How to Quickly and Easily Potty Train your Child

Carol Cline takes you through a proven potty training method that takes only 3 days to get your child fully trained. She even provides "free personal support" for any unique questions that you may have. Many parents had tried this and found the method effective. Check out her proven method here.

How to Teach your Child to Read

Through extensive research, testing, and trial and error with their own children, Jim and Elena, developed a learning to read system that teaches their children to read before turning 3 years old. The program has guided many parents to successfully teach their children to read in a relatively short period of time, spending just 10 to 15 minutes each day.

The system allows you to teach your child to read:

  • by learning Phonics and developing Phonemic Awareness Skills
  • through Short, Engaging, and Ultra Effective Lessons
  • without Television and without Computer Programs

You can check out a  3 year old child reading books here.

Instant Natural Colic Relief

Do you wonder why your little one won't stop crying? You have done everything you can but your child is still making a fuss.  Check whether his or her tummy is bloated or gassy. Did he draw his legs up when crying? All these may be signs that your child is having colic. 

Check out a simple and effective method to relieve your child's discomfort instantly.

More help for parents tools will be added from time to time. So do check back here occasionally.  

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