Child Dental Care

Parents role in child dental care is very important for child ages up to five years old. This is because young children do not have the manual dexterity required to brush teeth effectively.

The key to establishing good dental care is by starting an oral care program early. In fact, the American Dental Association suggests that you begin cleaning your baby's mouth the first few days after birth.

Your baby's gums should be cleaned after each meal with a wet washcloth. This will help removes plaque that accumulates on the gums and gets your child accustomed to having a clean, plaque-free mouth. It also gets your child accustomed to you "meddling" in their mouth which makes it easier for you to brush their teeth later on.

When your child's first teeth appear, you can clean it using a cotton swab daily to gently wipe the teeth and remove plaque. Subsequently, you will need to help your child brush her teeth to prevent tooth decay. An early child dental care program helps them develop a crucial habit which will last a lifetime.

How to make brushing teeth fun

Your child will enjoy brushing teeth if it is fun. The following are some ways you can make it fun :

  • Let your child brush your teeth. You should laugh a lot and make it a fun activity. Then have her "brush" her own teeth. Finish off by brushing your child's teeth.
  • Allow your child to brush her favorite doll's teeth. Then get her to brush her own teeth and follow up by you brushing her teeth correctly.
  • Let your child observe you brushing your teeth. Make it fun so that your child will want to join in as well. When your child sees you brushing your teeth and displaying good dental hygiene, they will 
  • Stand in front of a mirror. Your child will be excited looking at himself brushing teeth.

Other tips to note

If you had tried all the above fun ways and your child still do not like to brush his or her teeth, check whether you are using too much toothpaste. Too much toothpaste could sting their gums.

Some points to note before purchasing your child's toothbrush 

Choose a quality child dental care plan for your family

Oral Hygiene for Babies 

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You can also make your child's teeth brushing more interesting by providing them some background of dental care : 
History of toothbrush 
History of toothpaste

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