Oral Hygiene for Babies

Oral hygiene for babies is important even before their teeth emerges. Baby’s first teeth are likely to be seen soon after 6 months. Oral hygiene plays a major role in keeping off disease causing germs from infection via gums and new teeth. Wiping off the infant’s gums with a wet soft cloth, gauze, infant finger brush or damp baby wash cloth during bath time and after feeding with liquid food is a good practice. Just wrap a wet cloth around the index finger and wipe off gently. The practice of cleaning baby’s mouth on a regular basis makes it easier to transit into tooth brushing.

First tooth care

Once the first tooth is seen, its time to start your baby’s dental hygiene. The first problem faced is the baby bottle decay, the case when the baby falls asleep along with a feeding bottle in the mouth thus leading to the deposits of liquid food along the gums and the teeth. Make a practice to wipe each teeth at least once a day.

Once baby starts developing teeth and starts with solid food around six months, start the regular practice of making him/her to drink water soon after a meal to keep the developing teeth clean and germ free. Practising proper 
teeth care right from childhood is important to avoid upcoming dental problems.

First brush and paste

Once your baby teeth develop for around a year, make sure you consult your pediatric dentist on choosing the first toothbrush and toothpaste for your baby. Baby’s brush has to be soft bristled with small head that reaches easily all around your baby’s mouth. Select a brush that is more comfortable for the baby’s tender gums and teeth.

As the market is flooded with different variety of dental products, it is important to choose the brush with soft bristles that does not harm the gums and the inner skin. A brush should not be used more than 3 months or once the bristles are bent wide.

Use filtered boiled water to rinse the baby’s mouth and brush before and after brushing. Keep your brushing activity gentle and soft with circular movements. Toothpaste can be used as dental care for kids once he/she is old enough to spit out the toothpaste soon after brushing.

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