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The following are some of the parenting articles, advices and tips submitted by our readers. If you have interesting parenting articles or ideas that you think will benefit our readers who are mainly parents of young children, you can submit them here.

Three fun preschooler activities 
Submitted by

Having enough preschooler activities is important as it is hard to get anything done around the house when your child is bored. Sooner or later you'll run out of ideas on what your preschooler can do. Here are three fun preschooler activities for your child that will keep her entertained for hours........

A Child's First Airplane Trip 
Submitted by Lesley LaFuze

A day before my 3 year old son's first airplane trip, I tell him the good news. "Tyler, we're going on vacation tomorrow. We're going to fly to see Aunt Tricia."

He took off super excited, squealing with joy. He started zooming all his toys around the house and jumping up and down making everything 'fly'.

About an hour later he comes to me with a very serious and concerned look on his face and says "Mommy, I don't have any wings" and he shows me his arms.

I tell him not to worry, the plane does. And he was happy again.

Miserable Saint or Happy Monster? 
Submitted by Nadine Michaelides

Having children can be extremely stressful but also very rewarding. Until you've done it, you can't even begin to imagine what it's like........

Assembly line babies
Submitted by Courtney

I have three sons, twin two year olds and a one year old, so for those of you who have twins or triplets I have a method I call assembly line babies.

Do all of them at the same pace, when you have them in the tub, don't wash one then the it my way... wash, wash, wash, rinse, rinse, rinse, diaper, diaper, diaper, clothes, clothes, clothes. You'll save yourself loads of fun. And it works at most anything else. When filling sippy cups, do them all in one go, and all the same drink. With my three sons I find "assembly line babies" is my only chance at survival.

Give your toddler an educational advantage the easy way 
Submitted by Veronica Scott

Many of today's parents forget the most critical element in a toddler's development: themselves . Here is a parenting article to giving your toddler a leg up the easy way.........

Top four baby stuff your baby can do without 
Submitted by Mikki Hogan

Do you buy your baby a hoard of expensive baby stuff that shops and lifestyle experts recommend? If this sounds just like you, you may want to revamp your strategy of winning your baby’s affection and seeing that precious smile. Your little one is too young to place any monetary value on your purchases anyway......

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