Preschooler Activities

Having enough preschooler activities is important as it is hard to get anything done around the house when your child is bored. Sooner or later you'll run out of ideas on what your preschooler can do. After all, playing dolls or blocks only last so long, and there's no way you are letting her watch that Barney movie again. Here are three fun preschooler activities for your child that will keep her entertained for hours.

Impromptu Playdate

If you are staying in touch with the parents of some of your child's friends, give them a call and set up a playdate right away. This works especially well with neighbourhood kids. Ask if your child's friend can come over to play for an hour or two. Not only will your preschooler be well entertained right now, but it is bound to turn into a return playdate at her friends house a few days later.

Make an effort to get to know neighbours who have kids the same age as yours. Staying in touch with other parents makes raising a toddler or preschooler easier. Take turns having the kids come over to play, preparing more preschooler activities or get all of them together outside for a ballgame or some playground time.

The Mysterious Craft Box

Get a colorful box, or make one out of an old shoe box that you and the kids can decorate with construction or wrapping paper, stickers, markers etc. Fill it with all kinds of fun crafting supplies from crayons and markers along with specialty paper, stickers, playdough and anything else you can think of. Add some child-safe scissors, glue sticks and maybe even some water colors. Include recycle items like old CDs, yogurt lids and cardboard inserts from paper towel rolls into this box as well. Old socks, yarn and fabric scraps should also have a spot in there. The box will now be ready anytime you want some preschooler activities.

Get out the mysterious craft box on a rainy afternoon and make a project with your child. You can turn the paper towel roll into a pirates looking glass, and the socks into different types of puppets. When possible, make crafts that your child can play with afterwards. He'll be busy being a pirate long after you're done with the craft project.

Secret Box Of Special Toys

Take a few minutes and go through your child's toy boxes. Grab a few items he or she doesn't seem to play with very much and put them in a separate box. Periodically add to this box by purchasing inexpensive toys you think your child might enjoy playing with. You can find inexpensive toys at yard sales and consignment shops. Look for simple things that will spark your child's imagination like blocks, small dolls and cars.

Bring this box of special toys out when your child is really bored and let her pick one of two items from the box to play with. Because these toys aren't readily available the rest of the time, they will suddenly become much more interesting and fun.

The key to making the secret box of special toys work is to only bring it out on occasion, no more than once a week.

You can find more preschooler activities here.

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