Activity for Toddler

The following are more activity for toddler to develop your child's physical, mental, emotional and social skills as well as to stimulate creativity and imagination:

Money Activities

  • Show your child pictures of different types of coins bills, and help him/her count out 5 pennies and show her how it equals one nickel.Do the same with dimes, quarters and dollars
  • Together draw different coins by tracing the outlines and rubbing a pencil over a sheet of paper on top of the coin
  • Set up a play store with toy cash register and a counter full of items to sell that you took from your child's toys. Help her write the prices of the items on a sticker and place on the toy.

Teaching your children about money and how to use it will help them gain a sense of independence and also help them see that they can't have everything they want. Giving to charity will also help them appreciate what they have more and how they can help other people who don't have as much as they do.

Cooking Activity for Toddler

By measuring out ingredients, mixing, and baking, essential skills like mathematics, language, reading and of course basic cooking skills are all being absorbed by the children. Your child will enjoy herself doing simple task such as pouring in the raisins, mixing the flour, beating the eggs, setting the timer etc.

Professionalism is definitely not important when it comes to children's cooking. The main thing is for them to have lots of fun and really participate. And of course, always supervise young children in the kitchen; burnt fingers can happen very quickly, as can tastes of raw eggs, falls off chairs, and sibling squabbles.

Cleaning Up Games

After all the activities, you will need a little help cleaning up and your toddler will be more than delighted to help when you turn it into a game. Observe what needs to be put away. Then say: "I see something blue which needs to be put away. Can you find it?" or "Quick, find all the blue things and put them away!" You can go through all of the colors, and by then the room is picked up!

Other Toddler Activities

Occasionally, you can use interactive children’s multimedia entertainment as part of your learning activity for toddlers. It is best to provide children with exciting, wholesome entertainment that is never violent or vulgar and teaches children important life lessons they can always carry with them.

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