Outdoor Activity for Kid

Below are some ideas and suggestions of outdoor activity for kid. Kids enjoy themselves tremendously outdoor and you doesn't need extensive games to keep them occupied.

First, find a suitable place for example a playground or a park where there is plenty of space for the kids to run around. Ensure also, the safety aspect of both the players as well as people within the vicinity.

Playing with Balls

Simple games using balls is definately enjoyable for both the younger children as well as the older ones. For the younger ones, they will enjoy kicking the balls arounds as well as catching them. For older kids, divide them into teams and play a more competitive game.

Riding a bike

The younger children can go on a tricycle while the older ones can ride a bike. For those who don't know how to ride, it is also a good time to practice and learn to ride a bike. 

Treasure Hunt

This activity can be catered according to the children's age. For the young ones, simply hiding some small items around the play area and have the children look for them and bring them back to you is sufficient. For older kids, you can prepare maps and clues for them to follow in finding the treasures.

Flying kites

On a windy day, consider flying a kite. Children can make their own kites and they will enjoy seeing their creation flying high in the sky.

Sheet painting

Hang an old sheet on a fence and have the children spray paint it using liquid tempera paint mixed with water in spray bottles.

Nature Walk

Go for a nature walk with the kids and stop to smell the flowers and observe the insects. Encourage the children to talk about what they see and hear in nature.


Spend some time in the garden planting seeds, pulling weeds, searching for caterpillars and bugs. You can find more ideas on gardening with kids here.

More outdoor activity for kid

Do you have any other suggestions for outdoor activity for kid that is interesting? Let us hear about it.

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