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Educational Child Books

Inculcate reading habits in your child by providing him with variety of books that stimulates the mind and body.

While toddlers need not be formally taught to read, there are many different kinds of reading readiness activities you can provide around the house that will help encourage a book-positive attitude in your child. Start them young and do it often. It's never too early to read with your child. Even though very young children may be too young to understand the content, they will enjoy the sounds of the words, your voice, and will be flooded with the richness of language.

It is important that you should yourself enjoy reading and let your child observe you engaged in reading activities of different kinds, so that he/she can see there's a purpose behind reading.

Engage your child in lots of different language activities, including frequent conversations and periods where you can share jokes, riddles, songs, poems, tongue twisters, and other verbal games and experiences. These activities help your child develop auditory discrimination, vocabulary, sensitivity to syntax, and other skills important to later reading success. Don't "baby talk" with your child even though he/she is still a baby. This is not necessary as your child can learn the proper language when you speak to them like an adult.

Spend time reading to your child. Never force a child to read if they aren't in the mood. You risk turning them off. Create warm, loving memories of reading together that will comfort and last a lifetime. Cuddle, hold your child on your lap or lie down in bed together as you read. Make it fun to keep their interest.

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Choosing Educational Child Books

Choose your child books that have pictures with lots of color: big blocks of them for infants, more complex illustrations and storylines as they get older and chapter books with less pictures when they are ready. Start with one or two words per page and build up to easy readers. Illustrations should have plenty of things for the child to look at.

Board books: laminated pages with rounded corners are sturdiest; child books with spiral binding means the book can lay flat and pages turn easily. Vinyl bath books are great attention getters. Popular subjects for young readers are rhymes, animals, transportation, toys, body parts, everyday objects, babies and families.

Your child can enjoy a variety of books. It is good to get educational child books that promotes character building, imagination and creativity. Your child will learn what is good and bad behaviour from stories as they are encouraged to ask questions and talk about a story. A story may be the jumping off point for great discussions. From here, you can point out the connections between the story and your children's own lives which is very important.

Stories are the key to raising morally sound children. Even in an age of computer games and electronic toys, you can't beat a good story--especially when offered by a caring adult -- for capturing a child's attention.

Nowadays, there are audio books and even personalized child story books that can feature your child as the *star* in the books. Choose your books wisely and your child will certainly enjoy reading them.

Recommended educational child books:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - teaches days of the week, nutrition and introduction to science (caterpillar-to-butterfly)

My Big Lie - a Lesson on Trust and a great way of introducing THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF

Tibitz: A Land Of No Lies - Dangers of lying, instilling values of honesty and morals

The Easter Bunny that Overslept - a Lesson on Tardiness

The Table Where Rich People Sit - a reminder of the really Important Things in Life

The Magic Fish - learn to be grateful for what we have

Miss Fannie's Hat - teaches the Importance and Joy of Giving

If you are looking for books for your children, a Child Book of the Month Club will be a wonderful way to build or add to your child's library.

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