How to create your own
child stories

Telling stories is one way to stimulate your child's interest in books and reading. You can show your children how stories are created by making up and telling your own stories.

Your story can be as long or as short as you wish. Here are some guidelines in telling the stories which will capture the hearts of your little ones :

- Keep it lively. Make something happen right away at the beginning and keep things moving.

- Use some familiar characters, for example, your child's toys, your family pet, or any members of your family.

- Give your main character a goal, whether it's saving the little pig from the big bad wolf or trying to make the sun shine.

- Don't be afraid to use some words children aren't familiar with. You will be amazed how children increased their vocabulary from the stories that was told.

- Get your child involved. Ask simple questions such as "What do you think happened next?", "Where is the mouse hiding?", "Why is Papa Bear angry?". This will encourage your child to think.

- Give your story a happy ending. The younger the child, the more important it is that order and fairness prevail and that the good guys come out ahead.

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