Craft Kits for Kid

Here are some craft kits for kid that are both fun and educational :

Alex Toys - Little Hands: My Tissue Art

This craft is very simple and suitable for little ones who love to crinkle paper. They can create a work of art by crinkling different coloured papers and sticking them to form a picture. 

Alex Toys - Little Hands Paper Plate Bugs

Create crafty crawlers by just layering glue and sticks! There are thousands of possibilities and are only limited by your creativity. Use the paper plates, stickers, pre-cut shapes, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pom poms, papers and buttons to create some cute playful bugs. 

Alex Toys - Knot A Quilt Kit

This kit includes everything you need to make a super soft quilt in just a few hours. This is a great project whether it's raining too cold or even just too hot to play outside. No stitching required, just knotting!  If they can tie knots, they can master this.

Alex Toys - Paper Factory

Children gets to learn the art of recycling paper. This paper making activity kit turns ordinary paper into colorful creations. You can even create your own unique cards photo frames or gift tags. Teach the children how to make your own paper!

Need more craft kits for kid? 
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