5 Ways to Get More from
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Reading vs Audio Books
All parents know that reading is profitable for children for a variety of reasons. Learning to read is a vital life skill that can help a child gain an understanding of the world as a whole. For that reason, some people think that allowing their youngsters to listen to recorded stories might cause them harm.

There are those who believe that recorded stories provide a lazy way for boys and girls to be entertained without developing their abilities in phonics or comprehension. These same folks often object to the fact that a child listening to a recorded book is not interacting with a parent or other adult who is reading aloud.

The truth, however, is children actually benefit from this in several ways. While nothing could ever replace the value of reading along with a caring adult or learning to decode words independently, you can borrow audio books from your local library and use them as a supplement for traditional reading, they can enhance a child’s life.

Here are some of the major benefits that audio books provide:

1. They help build vocabulary. A child’s listening vocabulary grows at a faster rate than her reading vocabulary. Therefore, she will be able to understand stories that are much more complex than those she can read herself. Fiction and non-fiction stories help children learn new terms from context, an important skill for reading.

2. They help focus a child’s attention. The sound effects and dramatic voices that are used keep a youngster involved in a story and add to the development of an age-appropriate attention span.

3. They make reading more fun. Some children may be reluctant to tackle reading a book by themselves. But, listening to one helps them associate reading with pleasure. Many children are also attracted to the idea of using a high-tech gizmo like an MP3 device or CD player to listen to a story. Some websites stream recorded books online, providing another avenue for youngsters to use technology. These are important motivations for an unenthusiastic reader.

4. They help children stay calm. Kids often have trouble sitting still when traveling or when trying to fall asleep. Recorded stories present a relaxing and soothing way to pass the time, while still providing an educational experience.

5. Cost affective. Parents can provide a great variety of literature for their youngsters by subscribing to an audiobook club at a reasonable cost. These books can be used when an adult is not available for reading aloud, or when a child needs to be alone.

Adults will find they can easily download children’s audio books online in a variety of genres.

About the Author:
Passionate about audio books and their advantages, Peter Markovic is a successful author and the publisher of AudioforBooks.com.

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