Personalized Child Books

Your child will definately enjoy personalized child books when he finds himself being part of the story.

Points to note before buying such books are :
- check the quality of the book by reading through the story template
- focus on what is important for your child eg. a good story or some key learning points.

The following are some places where you can get your child his/her own personalized books :

Created 4 Me
One-of-a-kind books featuring the letters from a child's first, middle and last names. No two are alike! Alphabet characters spell out the name and help children learn simple words that begin with each letter. My Name in Lights makes the perfect personalized gift for baby, birthday or holiday. It's a gift for children to learn from and treasure as a keepsake because it was created for them with love.

There are many stories to choose from where your child can star in. You can even get your child's own illustrations and classic comments about his or her world into a charming personalized book!. On top of that, your child can also has his/her very own Name Personalized Floor Puzzle.

Get your personalized child books here.

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