Top Four Baby Stuff
your baby can do without

Your baby’s smile is priceless. However, all the materialism and baby stuff that you catch from TV commercials and magazines tends to get you thinking that you can buy your way to your baby’s heart and happiness with your plentiful purchases. Do you buy your baby a hoard of expensive baby stuff that shops and lifestyle experts recommend? If this sounds just like you, you may want to revamp your strategy of winning your baby’s affection and seeing that precious smile. Your little one is too young to place any monetary value on your purchases anyway. Further, the times are rough, leaving you little leeway to splurge on unnecessary things. Knowing what you should not be buying without compromising your bond with your little one is easy. Get ready to scratch off a few items from your “must have” shopping list.

Here are the top four baby stuffs your baby can do without:

Baby Bedding Sets
On the average, you could be shelling out 300 dollars for a complete set, which includes bumpers, pillows and blankets. Although manufacturers and vendors of these baby bedding sets tell you that one of the best gifts you can give your baby is a comfortable sleeping experience, medical practitioners warn that these baby stuffs could increase your baby’s risk of suffocation. You may want to consult a few close friends and relatives on the bare necessities. For starters, a crib sheet will only cost you about 20 dollars.

Expensive Diapers
Branded disposable items cost more than the generic ones, but this does not mean that they can do more for your baby. What your little one needs is a dose of your attention on his hygiene. Letting the baby wear a branded diaper for days will not get him off the hook from infections and skin rashes. If you have been sticking to a disposable product because you trust the brand, it’s time that you change this costly mentality. Purchasing diapers is a necessary evil. You are literally throwing money into the garbage bin. Ditch the expensive baby stuff and try cheaper alternatives. A frequent changing of baby diapers does a lot of good and keeps your little one fresh.

Designer Infant Clothes
Your baby is literally too young to check out the brand, make or color of his shirt or pajamas. What your little one really needs is a set of garb to keep him warm or cool. Since your baby does not have the least bit idea about his vital statistics or figure, fit will not matter that much either. Note that periodic growth spurts are inevitable in a child’s life, so your baby will just outgrow the clothes in a matter of months. Practical considerations in selecting the wardrobe of your baby can make you rake in a lot of savings. Think about the fabric, its possible effect on your baby’s skin or body temperature, durability, maintenance requirements and price. If you have the knack for needles and threads, consider sewing baby clothes by yourself. The rewarding activity gives you free creative rein to add a personal touch to your baby’s wardrobe at zero or minimal cost.

Classy Toys
Toys are to children as diamonds are to women. With babies however, toys primarily function less to entertain your little one, and more to stimulate his senses of sight, sound and touch. Omit pricey baby stuffs like robots, battery-operated gadgets, porcelain dolls and hairy stuffed toys from your list of 50-dollar to 200-dollar goodies. Entertaining and nourishing your little one’s senses does not have to be costly. Your baby can have a grand time toying a 5-dollar water-filled jelly teether, which simultaneously serves as his eye candy, pacifier and de-stress kit. Replace posh musical kids toys with an audio CD of nursery rhymes and tunes. CDs are actually a one-time investment because your little one can enjoy listening to them from infancy to early childhood.

A basket of material gifts may make your baby smile, but your tender loving care does so much more. Spend time with your baby, lavish him with your devotion and attention, and give him the freedom to explore the welcoming environment you have created for him. In the eyes of your little one, not everything in this world comes with a price tag.

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