Child Fancy Dress Costume

Children enjoy little more than the chance to wear fancy dress costume. Chances are your kids will jump at the chance to have a dressing up party for their friends and there are a number of popular themes which are guaranteed winners. A selection of great fancy dress ideas include Dance Parties, Movie Parties, Hat Parties, Magic Parties, Detective or Villain parties and Animal Parties.

For children, fancy dress costume can be at the heart of a great party. Especially for girls, dressing up can provide a real chance to escape and will always be a popular theme. It is important to pick a theme which is not unrealistically difficult or expensive to realise. Here are a selection of things to consider for your child's party:

Party Supplies
Before the party, you should be sure to arrange all supplies necessary for a smooth event. This includes the obvious like food and drink and extends to things like party bags, decorations and invites. Make sure you find out if any of the guests have any allergies, which should be taken into account when organising the party.

Fancy Dress Wigs
The younger the guests, the less likely they are to enjoy wearing wigs. Some costumes require matching hair - these should be avoided if you know your child does not enjoy wearing headgear.

Fancy Dress Hats
Fancy dress hats are central to a number of dressing up themes. You should be aware that children like to swap hats and ensure that all guests leave with the correct hat at the end of the party.

Some themes require masks, such as an animal party. Masks have been a party theme for hundreds of years, since the days of the Viennese masquerade balls.

Kids Fancy Dress Costume
You should make sure that any theme you choose for a kids' dressing up party is appropriate and attainable. There are not many parents out there who have a surplus of time which can be soaked up in creating the ultimate costume for a fancy dress party. Costumes are available to hire but you will probably have to pay a deposit and face the possibility that the costume could come back filthy.

You can always rely on popular characters to provide a theme for a party, whether they are classic favourites like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or more contemporary favourites like Spongebob Squarepants or Cars. You can even have current hot favourites like Hannah Montana.

The most important consideration is that the theme is one that suits both the host of the party and their group of friends. If this solid foundation is there, chances are the party will go with a bang!

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