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Costume Ideas for Children

In general dressing up has always been popular with children and Disney costumes are traditional favourites and with characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, it is easy to see why. One of the all time Disney favourites is Minnie Mouse costume.

The Minnie Mouse Costume

The Origin of Minnie Mouse
Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928 and was created by Walt Disney. He knew that Mickey need to have a sweetheart and that was when he created Minnie Mouse.

Initially Minnie did not even have a name, but her costume was created in the style of a flapper girl of the 1920's. This style was more than just fashion, but also almost a movement, as young women put on short skirts, bobbed hair and danced to Jazz music. They supposedly wear excessive make-up and generally behaved in a way that was frowned upon. It must have been a risk at the time for Walt Disney to have Minnie Mouse dress as a flapper girl, but now because of that, it is what makes the Minnie Mouse costume one of the most popular Disney costumes out there. In this day and age the costume looks quite quaint.

Most of the Minnie Mouse costumes that you get these days are red with white spots and come with the distinctive black mouse ears. For a few examples of the Minnie mouse costume as well as a whole bunch of other costumes including Halloween costumes, take a look at Jokers' Masquerade Costume Ideas.

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