Kid Birthday Party Themes

Here you will find some easy to do kid birthday party themes to help you organise a child party which your child will enjoy and remembers.


Brighten the party using festive bunches of colorful balloons with this kid birthday party theme.

Invitations - Cut out circles from colorful construction paper and attach a string. Fill out the information and send.
Decorations - Tie colorful curling ribbon to helium filled in assorted colors. Tie bunches to chair backs; let some float to the ceiling. Twist assorted colored streamers together and stretch them across the walls and windows.
Food - Anything circular! Round crackers and cheese cut into circles; mini pizzas - spread pizza sauce on English muffins, top with pepperoni; fruit salad with round fruits - berries, melon balls, grapes.
Cake - Bakes cupcakes in the child's favorite flavor. Frost in as many different colors as possible. Arrange the cupcakes in a cluster like a bunch of balloons. Make the strings of the balloons with red licorice. Join all the strings together at the bottom and finish with a licorice bow.
Activity - Water balloon races! Fill small balloons with water and tie. Pick several games to play - balloon toss between partners; balloon relay races; water balloon tag.
Favors - Make special favors by tucking bouncy balls or other small toys into balloons and blowing them up. Make sure each guest goes home with a helium balloon.


This kid birthday party theme is a can't-miss idea for little girls.

Invitations - Send pink invitations, asking guests to bring their favorite Barbie Doll to the child parties.
Decorations - Think pink! Blow up balloons and hang streamers -all in various shades of pink.
Food - Use cookie cutters to make heart shaped sandwiches. Fill with cream cheese and cucumber, peanut butter and honey, or strawberry jam.
Cake - Frost a batch of cupcakes with icing in various shades of pink. Decorate each one with a different Barbie Accessory. Try high-heeled shoes, fashionable hats, or tiny jewelry.
NOTE: Small objects present a choking hazard to young children.
Activity - Set up a spot for manicures. Include little plastic fans for faster nail drying. Leave time for free play since "guest" Barbie dolls were invited!
Favors - Play nail polish and Barbie accessories are a great idea.


This kid birthday party theme may cost a bit more as it involves buying LOTS of plastic bugs, glow in the dark bugs, gummy worms and bugs, and inexpensive magnifying glasses if you do not already have them.

Invitations - Send out invitations with pictures of bugs or you may make them from colorful construction papers cut into shapes of bugs.

Decorations - Glue plastic bugs to doubled streamers and hang around the room. Compliment with balloons. Leave bugs here and there - window sills, counter tops.

Food - Slice celery stalks into quarters and fill with peanut butter. Make a line of "ants" by placing raisins (or chocolate chips) into the peanut butter. For child parties over 4 years old: serve fruit skewers that look like caterpillars; slide red and green grapes onto skewers along with berries and melon balls.

Cake - Make Jell-O Jigglers in a variety of flavors according to package instructions. Pour the mixture into muffin tins. When gelatin has set, remove from tins. (TIP: if the gelatin is difficult to remove, warm the pan by briefly dipping the bottom in warm water.) Top the Jell-O cupcakes with gummy worms and other candy bugs. Sprinkle with colored sugar.

Activity - Go on a bug hunt! Place plastic bugs in the yard and provide magnifying glasses. Don't be surprised if some non-plastic bugs are found.

Favors - In addition to plastic bugs and the magnifying glasses, also include gummy worms or bugs, and glow in the dark bugs, available at WalMart type stores for the child parties.


Have a flowery kid birthday party theme.

Invitations - Glue some dry flowers on your invitation cards to be sent out for your child parties
Decorations - Blow up assorted colored balloons and hang streamers - use lots of yellow. Also have vases of fresh flowers around - especially daisies!
Food - Use cookie cutters to make flower-shaped sandwiches.
Cake - Have kids turn cupcakes into edible blasts from the past. Use popsicle sticks for easy spreading. Have different colored frosting available. Have a good supply of candies on hand, like string licorice for peace signs, and Necco wafers or PEZ candies for flower designs.
Activity - Have a supply of small posterboard (available in neon colors) and lots of art supplies - markers, glitter, stencils. Let the kids make their own flower posters.
Favors - Instead of "goody bags," tie up favors in a colored bandana.


Spread birthday cheer with miles of smiles with this kid birthday party theme.

Invitations - Cut circles from yellow construction paper and draw on smiley faces.
Decorations - Tie shiny curling ribbons to helium-filled yellow balloons. Use black marker to (gently!) draw a smile on the balloon, and let them rise to the ceiling. Twist black and yellow streamers together and hang from ceiling.
Food - Smile Sandwiches - Make cheese sandwiches with white bread. Using a cookie cutter, cut the bread into a circle. Add a smile using sliced olives for eyes and vegetables (red pepers, cucumbers, carrot strips) for mouths.
Cake - Frost a 9" layer cake with bright yellow frosting. Use black licorice string or black decorating gel to form a smiling face.


This kid birthday party theme applies to the little boy or girl who is crazy about trains!

Invitations - Using constructions paper, cut out invitations in train shapes.
Decorations - Check costume or party stores for train-themed party goods and inexpensive conductor and engineer hats.
Activity - Search your house for cardboard boxes, or buy some from a moving store. Cut a hole that's a little larger than a child's waist in the bottom of each box. Remove the top flaps. Set the boxes down on plenty of newspaper. Paint the boxes using bright primary colors. A plastic cup, painted mostly black, can serve as the smokestack. Cut out little handles on the sides of the boxes and have the guests hold their trains in place around their waists. They can play Red Light, Green Light, or runaround a homemade train track to blow off steam during the child parties.
Favors - plastic whistles; short books about trains or anything else that suits your this party theme.

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