Planning an
iCarly Birthday Party

iCarly is one of the hottest television shows for girls this season, and the show appeals to girls between the ages of six to sixteen primarily. Such a wide age range really gives you some room for fun and creativity when you plan a birthday party for your little girl. Here are a few ideas for adding a creative touch to your birthday kit, or simply purchase one of the awesome kit options with everything included for an easy birthday party setup.

Decorating for the Party

Decorating the room or backyard for this birthday party is very simple: just utilize pre-made party decorations, and choose generic items in pinks and purples to accessorize. You can use a centerpiece of iCarly, then save money by using pink/purple streamers, balloons, tablecloths, and party supplies to finish the look. Use boas in shades of sparkly pink, purple, or even white or silver to decorate chairs.

For decorating indoors, consider a fun girly confetti in pink or iCarly pieces, and to really make the area girl-oriented, think about adding party favors and goodie bags that contain only girl-friendly items, such as lip gloss, easy to remove nail polish, body spray in fruity scents, iCarly stickers and/or blowouts, rubber wristbands, notepads with girly pens, bead necklaces/bracelets, and similar items.

Party Supplies

Girl-themed parties are very easy to purchase party supplies for, and you can really go all out with iCarly merchandise , or keep it simple and more affordable with fun pink, purple, or silver cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, and more. You can mix and match color styles easily, and show some creativity even with the party supplies.

• Use pink for some supplies, purple for others, and add silver or white to finish the party supply necessity list

• Choose iCarly for one or two items, such as cups and plates or plates and napkins, then use the simple colors for the rest

You can really make your birthday girl feel special by adding a special ribbon or sash to her chair for the party, or let her wear the same decoration as an accessory. Use velvet or faux velvet to accent her chair, and do not forget to use pre-made nametags to seat everyone, or create your own seating arrangement to keep things organized and flowing.

The Right Food

Girls tend to be pickier and more particular about the food served at their parties than their male counterparts. While little boys are typically more interested in cake, girls love having a say in all of the food that is served even at a birthday party. Ask her what she would like to eat, and do not be surprised if she has a very distinct opinion about what food would be best for the party.

If budget is a big consideration for the food, consider offering her a few choices based on what you can afford. For instance, if you know that she will want something out of your price range, ask whether she would prefer hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken, then allow her to feel like she has a say by choosing one of the three. That way, she still feels like a part of the planning, but you do not go over budget.

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