Go Diego Go!
Birthday Party

Planning A Go Diego Go! Birthday Party

With so many different little boy-themed party decoration styles to choose from, it often comes down to what your little guy likes. Go Diego Go! is a very popular television cartoon that offers an educational benefit along with colorful characters, animals that communicate, and a chance to learn some Spanish. Both boys and girls are fond of Diego, Baby Jaguar, sister Alicia, and the many other characters in need who make the show so much fun, so planning a birthday party featuring the cast is very easy.

Party Supplies

Many retailers online and traditional party supply stores offer a great Go Diego Go! lineup, with everything you need for a fun-filled party for your little boy or girl. You can choose from these party-starters, or choose more generic party supplies, such as an animal theme, then decorate with Diego and friends. Either way, the cost is close to the same, and both ideas work well and are very popular.

Whether you choose to go with a true Go Diego Go! theme or simply add Diego to the décor and stick with a more animal or jungle theme, your child is sure to love this party idea. Finding the supplies is one of the easiest steps, or choose to create your own design from animal and jungle ideas of your own.


Balloons, streamers, party invitations, tablecloths, centerpieces, cutouts, banners, giant wall stickers and/or decorations, room decorating kits, candles, cupcake toppers, cake kits, stickers, treat bags/boxes, beanies, goodie bags, journals, spotting scopes, games, music, and favors are available at several online retailers. Traditional retailers often offer a variety of these products as well, but some may not have as large a selection as online retailers can offer. Use a few, or use all, it is up to you, based on your preferences and budget considerations.

It is fun to decorate for a jungle-themed party, and Go Diego Go! is a perfect opportunity to get very creative. Let the kids help with the decoration, or use the idea for a surprise party. Either way, it is sure to be a success.

Food Ideas

Lastly, the food is what really makes a party special, at least to the adult guests. Most children could not care less what is served, so long as there is cake/ice cream, fun games, and cool goodie bags. However, they will still be eating, and since most of these parties are geared toward four to seven year olds, it is best to keep it simple where food is concerned. Hot dogs or hamburgers, grilled chicken, and similar ideas are best, but you can add a grown up appeal with chili for the hot dogs, veggies for the burgers, and sauces for the chicken.

Drink is just as easy as food for your Go, Diego, Go! party, and you can keep it simple with Kool Aid or something similar, or you can choose to serve a variety of sodas. For a more healthy approach, consider choosing bottled waters or a real fruit punch, or serve a great 100% juice instead. Adults can enjoy tea or bottled water, if you want to keep it simple and healthy.

Written by:
Alyssa Davis, Metal-Wall-Art.com’s number one design specialist on decorating with contemporary metal art and metal motorcycle art sculptures.

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