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For the younger children, Mickey and friends are a great theme for a party. There are many different ways to incorporate Mickey Mouse, and his famous clubhouse, into the party, from hats or costumes to club-themed party favors and decorations. Several websites offer do-it-yourself cake kits, which will save you a lot of money. Other websites offer a variety of decorations at reasonable prices.

Keep it age appropriate. This is the number one birthday party rule, as it can really make your party unforgettable, or make everyone want to forget it. A party for a four-year-old that is above her head will go over like a lead balloon, whereas a birthday party for your seven-year-old son that is geared for a two-year-old will be just as unpopular. Make sure that your Mickey Mouse décor is geared for the appropriate age by choosing decorations, accessories, and foods that are friendly to your child.

Age friendly food is simple with a Mickey Mouse party theme , and it does not have to be expensive or time demanding. For example: for a great party for your five-year-old, choose Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-themed party items and décor, then add foods like cupcakes, hot dogs, and similar things that are friendly to the show and the theme. For the older ten-year-old who loves Mickey, consider a classic Mickey Mouse party theme, with grilled foods or kabobs as the meal option, with an ice cream cake for dessert.

Be sure to include games and party favors to your list, especially if the party is geared for preschoolers or toddlers. They have often not yet grasped the concept of one child being the recipient of gifts, and may get jealous of all the gift giving. A small party favor is normally a great way to allow the birthday child to receive many gifts without causing problems with all of the other children. Many retailers that offer party goods and décor have great ideas for Mickey-inspired parties and themes.

Do-it-yourself options are cheaper, but may not always be a viable option. If you have little or no experience with decorating cakes or creating edible arrangements, then you may want to request help or purchase something pre-made for the party for best results. Making it yourself is a great idea if you have time to practice or very detailed instructions, but the most memorable parties do not have to be completely mom-designed, and some of the most spectacular designs can come straight out of a box.

Décor is available at a wide variety of retailers. You can find Mickey Mouse party ideas online or in many different traditional party décor retail stores. Your budget can be your guide when choosing Mickey Mouse birthday party options, and some stores are always going to be more expensive than others. This is another instance of getting what you pay for in most cases, so cheapest is not always best, and sometimes it pays to give a little more money for the best décor options. However, you can always fall back to auction websites and similar ideas for getting all-in-one packages.

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Jessica Ackerman, staff writer for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com with extensive design experience, using beautiful wall art and southwestern wall sculptures.

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