Child Birthday Party Games

Looking for some fun child birthday party games to play at your child’s birthday party? Here are some simple child birthday party games you can organise :


Label paper bags with each letter of the birthday child's name and put objects that start with the corresponding letter in the bag. For instance, for AMY you could have a bag labeled "A" with an apple in it, a bag labeled "M" with a mug in it, and a bag labeled "Y" with a Yo Yo in it. Players guess what's in each bag by feeling the outside of the bag.


Before the party, hide some small toys or party favors around the party venue. When it is time to play games, have the children hunt for the "treasures". The one who finds the most wins a party prize.


Blow bubbles and have the children try to catch them without bursting the bubbles. The first child to catch a bubble and return it to you without busting their bubble wins.


This child birthday party game is great for parties where you want to give each guest a favor. For each child you will need a small block of wood wrapped with a very long (several yards) piece of yarn. Make sure each child has a different color yarn. Just before the party unwrap the yarn by winding it back and forth, over and under and through the furniture in party room. At the end of each piece of yarn tie a favor. As the guests arrive give them their block and let them wind up the yarn as they follow the string to the favor.


Arrange a number of chairs in a circle. The number of chairs should be one less than the number of players. Have the children stand beside the chairs and start the music playing. Get the children to walk clockwise around the chairs and when the music stops, they are to get seated. The one without any chair lose out from the game. Remove a chair everytime before you start the music. Continue until 2 players left. You may want to have one or two winners for this game.


Have the children remove their shoes. Jumble up all the shoes and have them stand in a row away from the shoes. Blow a whistle and have the children find their own shoes and wear them. The fastest child who finished wearing his/her shoes win.


Have the children form a circle facing each other. Have one child be "IT" and take the handkerchief and walk around the outside of the circle. The child drops the handkerchief behind one child and begins running around the outside of the circle while the child who the handkerchief was dropped behind picks up the handkerchief and tries to tag the child who dropped the handkerchief before he or she makes it back to the empty spot in the circle. If the child who picked up the handkerchief is unable to tag the child running before he or she reaches the empty spot, then that child is "IT". If the child who dropped the handkerchief is tagged, then he or she must be "IT" again.

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