Toddler Party Games

Below you will find some simple and easy toddler party games for your toddler and his/her little party guests. At these early ages, structured toddler party games are not suitable. Games such as bean bag toss or Ring-a-Round-the-Rosy are fun and non-competitive. Toddlers tend to get bored easily so it is best to keep the amount of games to a minimum.

London Bridge

Two players become the towers of the London Bridge. They clasp hands and raise them to form an arch. The rest of the players walk under the arch one by one singing:

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady!

When they sing the verse, "My fair lady," the towers drop the arch and trap someone in their arms. This person then replaces the child who has been a tower for the longest amount of time, and the game continues. There are no winners or losers in this game; it ends when the kids get tired of it.

Bowling ball

You can use those plastic bowling toy set or arrange some plastic bottles upright in a row and have your toddlers roll the balls to hit the targets. Toddlers enjoy seeing their targets drop and they can continue until they get tired of it.

Passing parcel

For this toddler party game, you will need to buy two or three little (toys) presents and wrap them up a good number of times. Also have music on hand. Then seat the kids in a circle and have them pass around the presents while the music is playing. When the music stops have that child rip open the present as much as he/she can before the music goes back on. Keep it going around the circle till the present is opened. Whoever opens the present all the way gets that prize. You can even have two presents going around at the same time.

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere

Toddlers just love bubbles. Give the adults present different bubble wands and solution. Count to three and begin the chorus of bubbles. Your toddlers will have a wonderful time scrambling after the bubbles.

Bean Bag Toss

Purchase bean bags suitable for tossing, or create your own with dried beans, socks and rubber bands. Draw a character (or image) relevant to your theme on the side of a cardboard box. Cut a hole in the box, large enough for the bean bags to be thrown through easily. If you are using a character like Mickey Mouse, the character's mouth can be the hole. Place the box about ten feet away and give each child several chances to toss the bean bags through the hole.

Parachute Play

Have children stand and hold the edges of a large blanket, place one stuffed animal or one lightweight ball in the middle of the blanket and have the children try to bounce it as high as they can, but without bouncing it off the blanket. Add more animals and balls to make it more challenging.

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