Toddler Games

Below are some simple toddler games and exercises to help your child learn and develop the necessary coordination in the course of his growth.


All toddlers are fascinated by balls. Balls of various sizes can be thrown, caught and also fetched. This will develop hand and eye coordination and agility.

Crawling games

Cut out the sides of a large cardboard box such as the one a TV set comes in and - presto! - he has both an indoor and outdoor playhouse.

Naming body parts toddler game

Sit on the floor facing your toddler. Point to one of your body part, such as your nose and say "Nose". Have your child repeat after you. Repeat this process for other parts of your body. Make it fun by making actions with the parts such as blinking your eyes etc.

Push and pull toys

Cars and trucks often with sound effects built in make them great fun and help your toddler move around and exercise all his muscles in his make-believe world.

Find the right combination

Get some non-breakable containers with lids in assorted sizes. Have your child remove the lids, mix them up, and then put them back on the appropriate container. Start with two or three containers then add more as your child improves.

Guessing game

Place some non-breakable toy or object into a cloth or plastic bag. Let your toddler feel the object through the bag and have her guess what the object is. Give her clues to help her along the way. Once she has figured out the object, remove the object from the bag and show it to her. As her identification skills improve, try placing less easily identified objects in the bag.

Rowing boat game

Sit on the floor with legs apart and face your child. Hold your child's hands and lean forward as your child leans backward. Then lean backward as your child leans forward. As you move back and forth sing a familiar song like "Row, row, row your boat".

These games may be simple but your child will enjoy them tremendously as they build their basic coordination skills as well as learning to identify things along the way.

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