Choosing a Toy Box for Your Toddler

Toys are very important to a toddler, as they use them as the basis for much of their play, exploration and learning. Because of this fact, the average toddler usually has a rather extensive toy collection. A well-designed toy storage can help your toddler learn to take care of his or her toys properly, while teaching them the importance of putting things away when playtime is over. If you're getting ready to buy a new toy box for your toddler, here are a few tips that you can use to make the best choice.

Choose a Toy Box That Fits Your Toddler

Although there is certainly no shortage of beautifully and elaborately designed toy boxes on the market, many of these are geared towards a slightly older child. When choosing the toy storage, pay attention to its height as well as its overall size. Although you might initially think that a larger box is the best choice, this is rarely the case. If a toy box is too large, your child's toys will have a tendency to get lost in the bottom of the box, making it difficult for them to find and play with their toys. Instead, a smaller and shallower box is usually the best choice, especially if you are selecting your toddler's first toy chest.

As your toddler grows, he or she will undoubtedly reach an age where they will outgrow their smaller box. At that point, you can replace it with something a bit larger and age-appropriate. But, you shouldn't try to save money by buying a toy storage box that your toddler will "grow into."

Safety Considerations

Sometimes parents make the mistake of choosing a vintage or antique box for their toddler. In fact, some parents even plan to let their child use the same box that they used themselves when they were a child. Although vintage and antique boxes can be quite beautiful and charming, there are safety factors to take into consideration. If a vintage box is painted, there is a good chance that dangerous lead-based paint could have been used. Additionally, the latch and hinges were undoubtedly not designed with today's safety standards in mind.

If you really want to use a vintage toy storage box in your toddler's room, you'll need to be prepared to add the appropriate safety features. However, the best choice is to simply buy a safe and modern toy chest instead.

Toy Storage Shelves and Cabinets

Depending on your toddler's toys and his or her personal preferences, you might actually find that shelves or wall cabinets will provide better storage options. If your child has a lot of, puzzles, books or toys with multiple pieces, he or she would probably be better able to organize them on shelves or in cabinets rather than in a box. Toddlers also frequently find it easier to find their toys and keep them neatly organized by placing them on shelves. Instead of dumping the entire toy box on the playroom floor to find a single toy, it can be much easier to find it on a shelf.

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