Toddler Craft Ideas

Toddler craft work is one of the activity that your toddler will enjoy. You need to provide your child with the right craft that caters to his/her interest and ability. Craft work that is too complicated may deter your child or he/she may be bored with one that is too simple.

The following are some craft ideas you can prepare with your little ones :


This toddler craft will enhance your child's eye and hand coordination.

You will need :
* Rubbing alcohol 
* Food coloring 
* Small bowls (one bowl for each color desired) 
* Variety of macaroni and other string-able pasta 
* Waxed dental floss 
* Paper towel 

Adults help is needed for this toddler craft.

Have an adult pour some rubbing alcohol into each bowl, and add a drop of food coloring into the liquid until it reaches the desired shade. Place the pasta or macaroni into the solution to dye. After it has reached its desired color, allow to completely dry on the paper towel.

Place the pasta into clean dry bowls, separating and organizing by color and shape. Measure off an appropriate length of dental floss, and allow the child to begin stringing his or her necklace. When completed, securely tie together the ends.

If you would like to make bracelets or anklets, try using thin stretchable elastic instead of dental floss.


Children will learn about design in nature from this craft.

You will need :
* Paper 
* Different types of leaves 
* Paint or crayons 

Put the paper flat on the table and then put the leaf under the paper. After you've done that, use the crayon to shade the print of the leaf on the paper.

If you are using paint, you put the leaf in the paint and then print in on the paper.


You will need :
* 2 paper rolls (about 4" - 5" long) 
* single hole punch 
* glue 
* yarn or string 

Glue together 2 paper rolls on the sides. Punch a hole in each side of the binoculars. Tie the ribbon/yarn through the holes.

Have your toddler look through the binoculars and tell you what they see. For more enjoyment, you can bring him or her outside to look for birds.


Make these flowers from your toddler's handprint (on paper) and stapled it to a straw.

You will need :
* Any plain coloured papers or construction papers 
* Pencil 
* Scissors 
* Green pipe cleaners (or straws) 
* Tape or glue 
* Stapler 

Trace your toddler's hand on the coloured or construction paper and cut the tracing out. Curl each of the fingers around a pencil. Then, using the palm of the handprint, form a cone (with the fingers curling outwards). Glue or tape the cone together.

Staple the flower to a pipe cleaner or a drinking straw. On a green construction paper, draw some leaves, then cut them out. Staple or tape the leaves to the straw.

You can make an entire bouquet of flowers from this toddler craft for a great gift.


Teach your child how to make music from this toddler craft.

You will need :
* 2 paper plates 
* Stapler 
* Beans or rice 
* Paint 
* Stickers 
* Ribbon 

Take two paper plates and staple them together putting beans or rice in the middle. Let the child paint or glue or put stickers and ribbon on the outside making their own tambourine.


You will need :
* 2 paper bowls 
* Blue see-through paper 
* Markers 
* Yellow fish crackers 

Take two paper bowls and cut the middle out of one. Put blue see through paper to cover the hole (this is the water). Then decorate with markers and glue yellow goldfish crackers to the inside of the other bowl. Staple the two insides together. You now have your own fish tank with this toddler craft.

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