Keep Your Head Cool Over
Toddler Tantrum

Have you ever experienced dealing with toddler tantrum thrown by your own three-year-old? You were in the midst of checking and comparing the prices of items on the supermarket shelves, when suddenly your toddler tugged your blouse and demanded to have a packet of sweets. With a firm ‘no’, you continued with your purchase. Then, as if, you have physically hurt him, he started crying and screaming, attracting the attention of all the other shoppers.

Why does toddler tantrum occur? From a cheerful personality, in just an instance, he could change into a totally different person. It could be that the toddler is going through a new phase in his young life. The arrival of a new sibling could mean he will not get the full attention he used to get anymore. He needs to adjust to a totally different situation. Another possible reason is that if he could not understand the reason why an adult had to say no to his request. There are also instances whereby, a toddler throws tantrum when he is tired or feeling sleepy.

As parents, we need to recognize all these tell-tales so as not to create scenes especially when we are having family outings or visiting family and friends. Toddlers tantrums can happen anywhere. Be it in the comfort of your home, in the park, shopping malls or at his playschool. A toddler cannot distinguish where and when they should or should not throw a tantrum. If it happens during outings, the parents should be calm and not add more to the already highly-charged emotions! Time wise, your toddler could also choose to say his piece during your morning rush hours to work. Things can go wrong easily and if not resolved properly, will leave you feeling anxiety and adding stress at work.

So, how are parents to handle toddler tantrum? One can try to distract him. For example, if he insists on buying a toy (which he already has a few at home), try distracting him. Trying to reason to him at this moment will bring no benefits to both parties. Once he has calm down, then only start communicating with him. However, not all the distractions will give positive results. Offering other alternatives may also bring about another tantrum from him (if you decide not to buy him the toy)! If this happens, just pick him up and leave the place. No talking will knock any sense into him at that moment.

Parents too need to have their emotions in control. Try not to lose any temper and the best of all is to prepare yourself for all this eventuality. In whatever method that you choose always be firm and consistent. Stay calm when faced with this situation. Be sensitive to toddler’s changing moods and also his routine. In the end you will notice that, all he wants is just your undivided attention and love.

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