Toddler Sleeping Problems

Toddler sleeping problems could mean either the toddler waking up a few times in a night or staying up late and would not go to sleep altogether. Both will definitely cause a lot of anxiety for the parents. A time for resting is now disturbed by the toddler’s erratic behaviour. As for the toddler, he may gets very tired the next day and becomes irritable. This will no doubt create a challenging time ahead for both toddler and parents. Fortunately, there are several ways for the parents to overcome this problem.

Better sleep in 1-3 nights

Firstly, try to establish a routine for your toddler. Toddler sleeping problems , just like any other toddler-related problems can be managed by introducing a routine as early as possible. For example, taking a bath at a specific time during the day is a routine that should be followed by your toddler.

Sleeping Time

Sleeping time is also a routine that parents must be consistent with. Try to follow it every night and do not break the routine. Plan something that will make toddler less active whenever sleeping time approaches such as reading a story book or story telling. In other words, do quiet activities to ‘cool’ him down.

Toddler Sleeping Problems due to Fear

One of the cause of children sleeping problems could be fear. He may be afraid of sleeping in the dark or during a thunderstorm. Being alone in the bedroom could also be another factor. Watching scary movies before bed will make him visualise terrifying things! To overcome the fear of sleeping alone in the dark, consider having a nightlight, but of course with safety in mind. Draw the curtains to avoid having thunderstorm scaring the child. If it is raining heavily, stay with him until after the rain subsides. Parents too, should avoid watching scary movies before their toddler goes to sleep. He may be in his bedroom but could still hear what is on the television.

Every problem has a solution to it. While toddler sleeping problems is a real problem to parents, there are ways to overcome it such as establishing a routine. The next thing you know, everyone will be sleeping like a baby.

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