Toddler Home Safety Tips

Lack of toddler home safety leads to accidents happening right in front of our eyes. Before your baby starts crawling around, it is wise to ensure every room in your home is checked and free from accident-prone areas. Once they are more mobile the risks factor will definitely increase. Inspect the rooms from a toddler’s view, for what may seem harmless to you may prove otherwise to your toddler.

Toddler home safety needs to be looked at seriously by parents or the babysitter. Why, you may ask. A simple reason is that a toddler spends most of his time at home. 

For easy reference, I have categorized the tips by the different areas of the house.


First, let’s have a look at the kitchen for this is where most accidents occur.

  • Where do you put the matches? Can he reach for the box? Keep the matches out of his reach. 
  • What about the magnets on the fridge door? These small things can easily be overlooked but will pose a great danger to the toddler. Put away the magnets for small things can easily be put into his mouth. It is good for you to know what to do if a child starts to choke. 
  • Kettle with hot water or wok filled with hot oil should be put away after use. 
  • As a precaution, do not use table cloth for tables in the kitchen. Toddlers love to grab and pull the edge of the cloth and everything laid on it will come tumbling down.


Next, the bathroom. Have you heard of a toddler drowning in a pail half-filled with water? Yes, that amount of water can actually killed a child. By now you should know that toddler home safety awareness is something of utmost important. So,

  • never leave a toddler unattended in a bathroom. 
  • if you need to have a pail in the bathroom, make sure that it is empty and stored upside down when not in used. 
  • make sure the bathroom floor is not slippery as well. 
  • store away detergents or cleaning liquids.


The bedroom can also pose several dangers to a toddler.

  • Use a safe baby crib! Make sure the sheet covering the mattress is snugly fit. 
  • Ensure that toys given to the child are safe. A soft teddy could be dangerous if its eyes could be easily pulled out by your toddler. Make sure that no parts are loosely fit and would easily come out. 
  • If you have drawers in the bedroom, do consider having them locked. Your toddler may accidently close the drawers on their fingers. 
  • Avoid having decorative lamp stand in the bedroom. It may fall on the toddler. 
  • Remember too, to cover the electricity outlets in the room.

Other toddler home safety tips

Other points that may be of consideration to parents are to

  • keep sharp objects away
  • use unbreakable plates for the toddler
  • store away medicines after use. 
  • keep away small items. Coins should also not be left lying around.

Having said all that, any parents would agree that toddler home safety is of utmost importance.

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