Teaching Kids to Share

10 Things you can do in Teaching Kids To Share

Sharing doesn’t come easy for most children. This is especially true if he or she is the only child, and hasn’t had the experience of sharing. How to teach a child to share? Continue reading to learn 10 things that you can do to encourage sharing among kids.

1. Model the behavior.
Children look to their parents for many things. This includes behavior. If your children sees you sharing freely with others, they are more likely to share with their friends. On the other hand, if they see you being greedy and unwilling to share, they will follow likewise.

2. Use positive reinforcement.
Give your kids an incentive to share by using positive reinforcement. If they know that they will get a reward for sharing, they will be more willing to exhibit the behavior.

3. Read books about sharing.
There are many children’s books available on the topic of sharing. Read books to your children to help promote the idea of sharing.

4. Getting family members involved.
Other family members would be a great help in joining you in teaching kids to share.

5. Bring the topic up at bed time.
When you are tucking your kids in bed at night, talk about the importance of sharing and how it benefits them when they share. This will help your child see the importance of sharing.

6. Joining a playgroup.
Being around other children can help. Kids who are at home all the time often have trouble sharing with other kids. Joining a playgroup will give them chance to practice sharing.

7. Role playing.
Allow your kids to make up a play about the importance of sharing. This will get the point across while letting your kids have tons of fun.

8. A sharing chart.
During times when your child is successful in sharing, allow him or her to place a sticker on the chart. This is a great way to positively reinforce the behavior. When the sharing chart is full of stickers, give your child a reward and praise him or her for sharing.

9. Sharing through artwork.
Artwork is a great way to get the message of sharing across. Allow your child to create artwork that symbolizes sharing and explain the importance of sharing with others during the project.

10. Encourage sharing among siblings.
If you child has brothers and sisters, this is a great place to begin the sharing process. Require that siblings in the household share with each other. Learning it in the home will encourage them to share when they get into school or in another environment that has other children.

When teaching kids to share, you must be encouraging. Use the creative ways listed above in teaching kids to encourage sharing. The earlier you start the process, the easier it will be to change negative behaviors when it comes to sharing.

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