Science Activity for Kid

The following science activity for kid could keep any child fascinated while learning some simple science facts :

Learning about the butterfly's life cycle

Catch a caterpillar and put in an empty glass container with some leaves. Cover the container with a paper or plastic and poke some holes on it to allow air to go through. Let your child observe the changes when the caterpillar forms into a pupa or chrysalis and then matures into a butterfly.

Learning about static electricity

All you need is an inflated balloon. Have your child rub the balloon vigorously against his hair or sweater. Experiment with different objects...where the balloon will stick? The Drapes, Wall, Refrigerator...

Learning about object's density

Collect a variety of different materials, such as: wood, metal, plastic, apples, oranges, plastic bottles, toy blocks, paper, bathtub toys, plastic forks, rubber balls, soda-bottle caps, pencils, erasers, sponges etc. Put the items into a small bowl or bucket of water one by one and have your child guess whether it will sink or float.

Magnet Fun

Get a bar of magnet and a variety of different materials such as paper clip, pencil, drinking glass, thumbtack, metal and plastic spoons, piece of aluminum foil, piece of wire, pebbles etc . Have your child play and see which objects will be attracted to the magnet.

What Shape Is Water?

Collect many different sizes and shapes of clear glass or plastic containers. Pour water into the containers using a pitcher. Check it out- what shape is water?

Mixing liquids

You will need some glass jars with lids, food coloring, cooking oil, vinegar, milk, liquid dish soap, water and measuring cups. Mix different combinations of liquids together such as water and food coloring, water and cooking oil etc. Put the jars down for a few mintues after each experiment to see what happens to the liquid mixture you put in the jar. Do all the liquids mix?

This science activity for kid teaches them that all liquids are not the same! Some will mix with others and some will not. Some are lighter or heavier than others.

Seeds and Plants

Put some green peas in a small container with a piece of wet cotton. Watch them grow into plants.

Mixing colors

You will need red, blue and yellow food color, 1 cup of milk, dish soap and a shallow bowl. Pour a cup of milk into the bowl and add 3 drops of red food color to one edge of the bowl. 1/3 of the way away, add 3 drops of blue food color. 1/3 of the way away, add 3 drops of yellow food color. Don't mix or jiggle the bowl. Squeeze a drop of dish soap in the center of the bowl.

In this science activity for kid, you will observe that the dish soap does not mix with the milk. Instead it floats on top and spreads over the surface. As it spreads, it grabs the food color dropped in earlier. Where the colors meet, they combine to form new colors.

Need more science activity for kid?

You can find more science activity for kid here which uses common household items for each of the project.

You can also get complete science project guides here with step by step instructions for a complete science project in 24 hours.

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