Road Safety for child

A good way to begin teaching road safety for child is while you are crossing the road with your child. You can easily starts a discussion on traffic safety here.

Everytime you are with your child, remember to hold his or her hand so that you stay close together. Remind your child that he or she is not suppose to run across the road but always to walk at a steady pace. Give your child a commentary on what you see or do while walking on a street as well as crossing it.

Teach your children some of the following unbreakable rules as well :
- Never to run into the street (eg. while chasing after a ball or a pet)
- Never play along the road, especially near a blind corner
- Never to talk to strangers
- Never wander off alone or go anywhere with strangers
- Cross only at traffic lights, zebra crossings and overhead bridges
- Look to make sure the street is clear to cross, even if traffic lights show green to cross.

Above all, teach your child how to think and be aware of situations around him/her and knowing the best alternatives during problem situations.

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