Potty Training Tips

Find out how to change a diaper without wipes!

The following are some potty training tips that will make your potty training easier and fun:

  • Make a big deal about using the last diaper or let your child help you throw out the diapers in the trash can. Shop together for new underwear!
  • Dress your child in clothes that are easy to take on and off.
  • Never punish or scold your child for accidents.
  • If your child can't produce anything after 5 minutes of sitting on the potty, its time to try later.
  • Train your child to wash his/her hands after using the potty.
  • Change diapers and/or accidents as soon as possible. Explain the need to stay nice and dry. After awhile your child will want to stay nice and dry.
  • Do not punish your child by keeping him/her in wet or soiled diapers. This is counterproductive and will not teach your child to use the potty.
  • If your child is old enough to dress him/herself, have your child change into dry underwear all by him/herself. Your child may be reluctant to wet his/her pants if he/she knows that he/she will have to do all the work. Be kind, nonchalantly instruct your child to put the wet ones in the sink, and put on a new pair.
  • Have a stack of clean, dry underwear in a handy place for your child to change when he/she wets (provided your child is capable).
  • Do not pressure or nag your child to use the potty. The harder you push, the harder he/she will resist!
  • Bring your child on an hourly basis when starting with a young child, to encourage practice. Consistency is key!
  • Instead of saying "Do you have to use the potty?" Say, "It's time to use the potty." This gets your child in the routine of going on a regular basis.
  • With older children, only remind your child to use the potty when he/she is showing signs that he/she has to go.You want to try to let it be their success, not yours.
  • Never force your child to use the potty.
  • Let your child put wet underwear in a designated place, such as the sink or laundry basin and instruct your child to get and put on new ones.
  • All caregivers should use the same approach and method for potty training.
  • If using cotton underwear, buy more than one 3 pack (9 pairs should be good)! Also, it is sometimes helpful to buy the underwear one to two sizes bigger so it is easier for your child to pull-up and down (also, because they shrink!).
  • Be prepared to spend some time in the bathroom with your child!
  • Spring and summer is a great time for potty training! Let your child go without his/her diaper.
  • Make sure your child's diet has plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and juice.

Your child is trained when he/she goes to the potty without any assistance or reminders from you!

Hope the above potty training tips will make your potty training sessions less stressful and more enjoyable!

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