Leaf Craft

Here are some simple leaf craft ideas you can use for art and craft sessions especially during autumn when leaves are in abundant.

Leaves craft from natural leaves

Leaf Prints

Collect a bunch of leaves and glue them onto a sheet of cardboard or heavy card stock paper. Let dry completely. 
Pour a small amount of paint into a paper plate. Dip a paint roller into the paint and then roll it over the leaves( you could also use a paint brush and paint the leaves different colors). Once the leaves are covered, lay a piece of construction paper over the painted leaves and rub it to get a good print. Lift the paper to see the print and let dry.

Pressed Leaves

Collect a bunch of leaves, put them between wax paper, and iron them together. They will stay colorful for a long time and they are nice to display in windows.

Autumn Trees

Go for a nature walk and collect many different colorful leaves. Trace the child's hand with their fingers spread on a large piece of paper. Trace all the way up to the elbows to make the trunk. Color the tree trunk if desired. Glue the leaves on the the branches of the tree (the traced fingers). You can also glue some of the leaves onto the 'ground' around the tree.

Aluminum Foil Leaves

Using a table, place leaves under pieces of aluminum foil and gently press and rub the foil with your hand to get a leaf print. Glue the foil leaves to construction paper.

Dry Leaves

Collect some dry, brittle leaves. Cut a large leave shape from construction paper and brush glue on it. Crumple up the leaves over the construction paper leaf and scatter the pieces over the glue. Let dry. (kids love crumpling the leaves!)

Leaf craft from other materials

Paper Towel Leaves

Cut large leaf shapes out of plain white paper towels. Dip the edge of the leaf into a bowl of food coloring or water color and watch the paper towel soak up the color. You can dip into more than one color if desired. When done, lay the wet 'leaves' on wax paper to dry. These make fun mobiles when dry or you can mount them on construction paper.

Toothpick Tree

Glue toothpicks to a piece of construction paper to make the trunk and branches of a tree. Use a sponge to make the leaves with paint. You could also glue leaves that you've collected onto the toothpick tree.

The above leaf crafts are courtesy of Kid Crafts Magazine, who is also the publisher of Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons.

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