Choosing a Kid Backpack

Studies show that children may be damaging their spine by carrying heavy or poor fitting kid backpacks. This is especially true for school going children. Backpacks that are not proper would cause muscle strain, distortion of the spinal curve or drooping shoulders. It may also lead to painful back, neck and shoulder problems which can last a lifetime.

The following are important tips on choosing the right backpack :

  • must be light weight
  • size of bag should be no larger than the child's back
  • preferably ergonomically designed to protect the child's back
  • have a waist strap that helps direct the load away from the shoulders onto the much stronger waist and hip muscle groups
  • two shoulder straps to balance the load on both shoulders
  • wide straps to distribute load over a wider area of the shoulder
  • padded straps to alleviates any pressure points
  • the shoulder straps should be adjustable so the backpack can be fitted to the child's body

It is also important to take note of physicians' recommendation that the total gross weight of the kid backpack (with contents) should not exceed 15% of the body weight.

Investing in an ergonomically designed backpack which follows the natural contours of the spine would be a good start in getting your child's backpack.

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