How to make Pinatas

The following are instructions on how to make pinatas, if you are looking into making your own pinatas for birthday party.

How to make pinatas 

1. Blow up a large balloon, tie the end and tape the end to a table. 

2. Cut newspaper sheet into strips. 
3. Make your own glue paste from 1 cup of flour mix with 2 cups of water. 
4. Dip the newspaper strips into the paste one by one. Remove any extra paste by running your fingers down each strip. 
5. Wrap the strips around the balloon, leaving an empty space at the neck about 8 cm in diameter. 
6. The first layer of strips should go up and down. Then put another layer that goes round the balloon. 
7. Leave the pinata to dry for 3 days. 
8. Pop the balloon. 
9. Decorate the pinata any way you like to suit your party theme. 
10. Put the party treats (candies, raisin boxes etc) inside through the hole. 
11. Take several pieces of string and tape the ends of each string inside the hole. Reinforce each piece with a tape several times, and then hang the pinata at eye level. Make sure that there are a lot of clear space around it. 

Party day 
1. When it is time to play the pinata game, give the first player a blindfold and a baseball bat. 
2. Make sure that everyone is standing well away from the player and the pinata, and have the player swing at the pinata. Each player takes turn to swing until the pinata breaks. 
3. When the pinata breaks, everyone has a chance to scoop up the scattered treats.

If you don't want homemade pinatas, you can also find theme pinatas from party supplies stores. Available kid pinatas includes animal pinatas, television and cartoon characters pinatas such as Mickey, SpidermanSpongebob , Dora, Batman and many others.

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