How Dogs Can be Good for Children

Picture a warm summer day, the sun shining brightly upon the streets and fields. A young child, anxious to go about their plans, runs with a vigor only known to those who know they have weeks of wild freedom ahead of them. Following not so far behind is a dog, it's tail wagging as it attempt to catch up with it's young friend.

When a person imagines childhood, that image is something that is likely to come to mind. After all, children and animals are the feature in many movies and books. But it doesn't just make for a fancy opening sequence or dramatic fable. Dog can actually be good for kids in helping them become better people and responsible adults, on top of keeping them company.

Dogs are a wonderful way to teach maturity and trustworthiness

Having to take care of a living thing is quite an undertaking, as they will soon learn when the dog possibly makes a mess on the rug or has to go for a walk. They can't spend all day playing video games when their dog needs to be bathed or something else just as essential to their well-being comes up. Knowing that you can't always be selfish and that they can't have all the free time they want will prepare them for the world of adulthood.

Exercise is another benefit to owning a dog

Depending on the age and breed, a dog needs a lot of attention and exercise in order to stay healthy. They need to be played with and stimulated frequently, a task that a young person is well-equipped to take up. Because they'll be moving around so much, and on a daily basis to boot, the child will be able to keep their body and mind in tiptop shape; that's nothing to sneeze at.

Having a dog encourages creativity

You can ask your children to design a special dog house or a water bowl, or perhaps make him or her a birthday card when the time comes. The children can even help you put together a special photo album to showcase the dog's growth and time spent with the family. The projects are practically endless in possibility. Coming up with a suitable name for the pet, beyond the standard Fido or Rex, can be a challenge of the mind in itself.

Memories from the experience can be carried with both you and your children for years to come

Many people remember their childhood pets fondly, and recall all of the crazy adventures they got into with them. The dog will become like a best friend and a member of the family who you would never trade for anything in the world.

Let a furry little creature into the lives of the children in your life; it may not turn out to be something right out of a blockbuster film, but in the end, that doesn't matter. They will discover things in a way they couldn't have previously, and that's something you could never put a price on.

Written by Victoria of Pet-Super-Store.

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