Child Swing Set

Before you decide to go out and get your child a swing set, the following safety tips might be helpful.

What to look for in a child swing set

~ A child under 3 years old should be put in a toddler swing set, which provides support on all sides and has restraints that can be fasten

~ Choose swing seats made from rubber or plastic rather than wood or metal

~ Make sure that there are no sharp points or edges in the swing set

~ Check swing set regularly to see that equipment are in good condition

Positioning of your swing set

~ Make sure a toddler swing set is at least two feet off the ground, so a child can't crawl into it on her own

~ You should have sand or pea gravel, or a rubberized surface under the kid swing set. These materials absorb the impact of a fall much better than dirt or grass

~ Make sure a child outdoor swing set is set up at least a couple of metres (about six feet) away from any building or fences

~ Position the swing set so a child doesn't have to cross in front of a swing to get to other equipment. You can consider creating a border of sand or another landscaping element to remind children not to run in front of the swings

~ Check that bolts don't protrude and "S" hooks are closed

~ Place the child swing set in a shaded area, so that surfaces won’t get too hot

Swing set safety during play

~ Adult supervision is necessary to make sure children are safe

~ Children should always sit in the swing, not stand or kneel. Inform the child to hold on tightly with both hands while swinging

~ When finished swinging, child should stop the swing completely before getting off

~ Children should stay a safe distance from other children on swings, being careful not to run or walk too close to the front or back of moving swings

~ Only one person should be in one swing at any one time. Swings are designed to safely hold one person only

~ Children should be reminded not to push anyone else in the swing or allow others to push them

~ Avoid swinging empty swings, and to never twist swing chains

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