Children's Bedroom Furniture

Choosing children’s bedroom furniture can be a lot of fun. And it seems that today’s market is simply saturated with thousands of different choices when it comes to outfitting your child’s room, no matter the child’s age or your decorating preference. Selecting the best furniture for your child may be a simple matter of going with a theme or building on a theme that your child enjoys. Nonetheless, the biggest consideration that you need to make when you select children’s bedroom furniture is the safety of the child.

The tips that follow will help you make good decisions that will keep your child safe in his or her little corner of the house.

Research your choices before deciding on your children's bedroom furniture

While it might be simpler to just find children’s bedroom furniture that looks good and buy it – a better idea is to research the furniture that interests you. Stay abreast on the guidelines that govern furniture safety for kids, and be aware of any choking or suffocation concerns that might be associated with the piece, or for any “tipping” danger. Also take special note of any product recalls, especially if you are considering buying used furniture.

Think like your child

A good way to determine if children’s bedroom furniture is safe is to think like your child thinks. Get down on all fours and see the world as your child sees it. From your vantage spot on the floor, you may notice that many things are out of your reach. This may necessitate climbing to get them. With some children’s bedroom furniture , climbing can result in injuries that range from simple falls to crushing injuries if the furniture were to tip over during a climb. Another big thing is to notice any sharp edges as children tend to run with wild abandon and in doing so, may fall and hit a sharp edge, and sustain cuts.

If using used furniture, examine it thoroughly

Chances are good that your grandmother’s vintage crib is a lovely piece of children’s bedroom furniture, but it may also be a death trap. Older furniture for children wasn’t built with today’s safety guidelines in mind. Older cribs in particular can be deadly when a child’s head becomes stuck in their wide slats and the child strangles to death. Old toy boxes lack ventilation holes – and in some reports, children have hid inside them playing a game – fallen asleep, and suffocated. When at all possible, opt for and invest in new children’s bedroom furniture instead.

Go convertible!

One thing is certain. Your child is going to grow. That little guy standing before you right now may soon be taller than you are. That’s why a convertible bed is a good idea. This type of children’s bed starts out as a crib, converts to a toddler bed, and then finally transforms itself into a twin bed. Some models even feature a changing table that converts to a dresser or chest later on down the road. That’s one way to get a lot of bang for your buck when furniture for your child’s room.

And finally, no matter what type of furniture you choose to purchase, perhaps the best safety tip is one that just makes “common sense”. Be vigilant when it comes to your child’s safety. Nothing can provide more safety for a child than the watchful eye of a caring parent who has also taken the time to purchase safe children’s bedroom furniture!

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