Child Party Games

Below are full description of several favourite child party games that will definately excite the children.

Blindfold games

Blind Man's Buff

Objective : A blindfolded player tries to catch and identify another player.

How to play: A blind man is chosen and blindfolded. He is turn around three times in the center of the room and then left on his own.
The other players dance around, taunting him and dodging out of his way to avoid capture.
When the blind man catches someone, he has two or three guesses at the name of his prisoner. If he guesses correctly, the prisoner becomes the new blind man. If wrong, he continues to be the blind man and tries to catch another player.

Blind Postman

Objective : A blindfolded player tries to sit in a vacant seat while two players are changing places.

Preparation: One person is chosen to be postmaster. All the others choose a town, and the postmaster makes a list of their choices.

How to play: One player is blindfolded and becomes the first postman. All the other players sit in a circle. The postman stands in the center of the circle, and is turned around several times by the postmaster. The postmaster then announces that a letter has been sent between two of the towns on his list, for example from Cambridge to Birmingham. The two players whose towns are called then try to change places before the postman sits in one of their empty seats.
If the postman gets a seat, the player without a seat becomes the new postman. More than one letter may be sent at a time.

Mode of travel : In this child party game, the postmaster can also say how the letter travelled - and so indicate how the players should move. For example, if the letter went :
- by air, they hop;
- by sea, they walk backwards;
- by train, they crawl; and
- by Pony Express, they bunny hop.

Blind Man's Treasure Hunt

This child party game is an excellent way of giving out small presents at a party.

Objective : Each player chooses a parcel by touch and tries to identify the contents before opening it.

Preparation: Objects of different shape and feel are wrapped up - one parcel per player. The parcels are piled on a table.

How to play: Each player in turn is blindfolded and led to the table to choose a parcel. He then takes off his blindfold and waits until all the players have chosen a parcel. Each player then guesses what is in his parcel before opening it.

Musical child party games

Musical Chairs

Preparation: Chairs are placed around the room in a large circle. There should be one chair fewer than the number of players.

How to play: The players stand in the circle and, when the music starts, all dance around.
When the music stops, each player tries to sit on a seat. The player left without a seat is eliminated. One chair is then removed from the circle and the music is restarted. The last person to stay in the game is the winner.

Musical Statues

How to play: Players dance around the room to music. When the music stops, the players immediately stop dancing and stand as still as statues. Any player seen moving after the music stops is eliminated.
The music is started again fairly quickly and the game continues. Eliminated players can help to spot moving statues.
The last player to remain as a dancer is the winner.

Musical Islands

Preparation: Small mats, newspapers, pieces of cardboard, etc., are scattered over the floor to form "islands".

How to play: When the music starts, players walk around in a circle. When the music stops, players must stand on an island. More than one player may stand on one island.
Anyone unable to get onto an island or falling off into the "water" is eliminated. The music starts again and the game continues.
"Islands" are gradually removed during the game. The last player left in this child party game is the winner.

Hunting games

Cut-out Pairs

Preparation: All sorts of pictures are cut out of magazines, comics, etc. Each picture is pasted onto cardboard and cut into two oddly shaped pieces. (Note : Picture postcards may be used to save time.) There should be one picture for each pair of players.

How to play: Each player is given one piece of a picture. He then tries to find the player with the other half of the same picture.
When two players have a complete picture, they write a suitable caption for it. Pictures and captions are displayed and the writers of the funniest caption may win a prize.

Present Hunt

How to play: In this child party game, each player is given a piece of paper with a written clue to guide him to his present.

Jigsaw Hunt

Preparation: One "jigsaw" is needed for each player. The organizer makes the jigsaw by cutting picture postcards into four irregular pieces. Three pieces from each jigsaw are hidden in the room.

How to play: Each player is given one of the jigsaw pieces that was not hidden. The first player to find the three pieces missing from his jigsaw wins the game.

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