Child Craft Recipes

The following child craft recipes are all homemade using simple items you find in the house. Parents, caregivers and teachers can make use of the various craft recipes for their artwork and have a fun time making them together with the kids. Close supervision is highly recommended as some of these items may not be edible!


Materials :
- 2 cups flour 
- 1 cup salt 
- Water 
- Oil, optional (if you no not want it to harden)
- Medium sized mixing bowl 
- Spoon

Directions : 
1. Mix the flour, salt, and water in a bowl. 
2. Add a small amount of oil if you do not want the play dough to harden. 
3. Knead the play dough a little and watch the kids have fun. 

Pudding Finger Paint 

Materials :
- Instant Vanilla Pudding 
- Food Coloring 

Directions : 
1. Mix pudding according to directions.
2. Add food coloring for desired color.
3. Finger paint on paper plates. 

School Glue 

Materials :
- 3/4 cup water 
- 2 tablespoon corn syrup 
- 1 teaspoon white vinegar 
- 1/2 cup cornstarch 
- 3/4 cup cold water

Directions : 
1. Combine the first three ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. 
2. Mix cornstarch and water in a bowl.
3. Add the second mixture to the saucepan while stirring. 
4. This glue should be left to settle for a day or two before using.


Materials :
- 1/2 cup Dishwashing detergent (500 ml) 
- 4 1/2 Cup Water (4.5 liter) 
- 4 Tablespoons glycerin (available at pharmacies) (60 ml) 
- Container with a tight fitting lid in which to keep the bubbles 
- Spoon

Directions : 
1. Measure out the water, detergent, and glycerin into container. 
2. GENTLY stir the mixture together. If a foam forms, gently skim it off the top. 
3. Find something with which to blow bubbles and have fun. 

Note: The longer you let the mixture set, the larger the bubbles are and the longer they seem to last.

Natural dyes 

Materials :
- cranberries, beets or red onion skins (RED) 
- dandelion petals (YELLOW) 
- yellow onion skins (GOLD) 
- tea leaves (use only four opened tea bags to one cup water) (BROWN) 
- parsley, carrot tops or spinach (GREEN) 
- blueberries (BLUE) 
- tomato skins (ROSE) 

Directions : 
1. Place one cup of material (depends on the color you want) in a small pan with just enough water to cover. 
2. Bring to a boil and simmer for fifteen minutes. 
3. Remove from heat, strain and discard materials, cool liquid and then cover it tightly. 
4. Use these child craft recipes within 48 hours.

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