Baby room themes, colors and patterns

There are a huge variety of themes, colors, and patterns for baby room ideas. From whimsical fairy tale creatures to themed patterns, plain pastels or bright colors, or something simpler, there is truly a design idea for every parent. The key is to use something that works for your budget, and the only limitation is your own inspiration.

Baby room colors

The simplest idea is to stick with pastels or specific colors for the design. This idea may be cheaper than many character designs, but can feel boring to some parents. However, it is an excellent idea to make a small room seem much larger, and can brighten up the area considerably. Enhance natural light with light colors, such as whites, pastels, and neutrals, and the baby room will feel much bigger than it really is.

Pastels are an excellent gender-neutral idea for baby's room, if parents want to be surprised by the baby’s gender at birth, but do not want to wait to design the nursery. Themes, colors, and patterns for baby’s room may be somewhat limited for gender-neutral ideas, but pastels such as green, yellow, purple, white, and off-white are always workable ideas. After the baby is born, you can always add gender-specific tones in accents and accessories. One example: Design the baby’s room in purple, green, and white pastel shades. If your baby is a girl, add pink picture frames, and tie it in with curtains or window coverings that have green/purple and pink. For a boy, simply add blue instead of pink.

Bright colors are a popular idea, but can feel slightly overwhelming if not toned down with lots of white or light neutrals elsewhere. Primary colors, such as bright reds, greens, blues, and yellows, are very commonly used to design baby’s room. Babies love bright colors, and are often fascinated with brightly colored objects. Purple can also be incorporated easily as a very feminine shade to add a girlish touch to bright primary colors.

Baby room themes and patterns

Fairy tale creatures and similar whimsical designs are normally reserved for more feminine baby rooms, but can easily be used for a baby boy’s room as well. Elves, jungle animals, zoo animals, and similar themes can easily be transformed into very masculine designs, while still retaining the appearance of a baby’s room. Sports themes are one of the most common design ideas for a baby boy’s room, and can be all-inclusive or very specific (such as only football or soccer).

Baby girls rooms present a much broader variety when it comes to themes and patterns, as there are many colors and shades that can be used for a baby girl’s room, and kept for a toddler’s room, and even beyond. Where little boys tend to quickly outgrow the babyish themes, little girls can use many baby themes for years. This includes shades of pink or pastels, girl-specific characters or designs, and similar ideas.

Boys and girls alike can take advantage of gender-neutral character themes. They are often very fashionably designed to be used for either gender, and can easily be used into the toddler years and beyond. However, keep in mind that character themes can be slightly more expensive to design with and can become tiresome quickly.

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