Simple Ways to Baby Proofing Your Home

Busy parents need solutions for baby proofing the house and not a bunch of marketing ploys. Child proofing is definitely not a one time deal, but starting with the basics and tailoring a plan that specifically suits your home will ensure your home remains a safe haven for your children.

The National Safe kids campaign does a great job at outlining what essentials you need to look into when baby proofing your home .They might not all be what you think, and many of the ideas (based on actual accidents involving children) are easier to fix than you might think. As consciousness is raised – children, your children- will become safer!

The kitchen is full of hot hazards. Keep hot foods and liquids away from kids. This includes your morning cup of coffee. When using the stove, equip it with knob locks and try to make a habit of using the back burners. Remember that tablecloths, placemats and cords all look attractive to young kids and can easily be pulled down. When you are cooking try to keep kids away as much as possible. It is a bad idea to allow them to sit on countertops or remain right under your feet.

The water heater should have an anti-scald device or be set at under 120 degrees. It only takes 3 seconds for a child to sustain a 3rd degree burn. Remember that even medicine on the top shelf could kill a child. Lock them up and put them somewhere that your child will not be curious.

The toilet seat lock is intended to keep the lid down and prevent accidental submersion drowning incidents. The bath tub should be clear of razors, soap, cleansing agents, and cosmetics to ensure they do not get accidentally ingested.

More Advice for Child Proofing Your Home

Be sure to purchase and use a new crib or at least one that you are certain is free of lead paint and has slats that are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. The mattress should fit snuggly into the frame of the baby bed. Never place the crib near window or where a child can reach cords from drapes or mini-blinds. These items can cause strangulation.

Your home is not baby proofed until you have working fire detectors installed. Never underestimate the huge risk you are taking by not using a smoke detector. Cover all outlets with safety switch plates and use safety gates properly around the home to ensure that your children are kept out of unsafe areas.

The Most Important Factor in Baby Proofing

Baby proofing is never complete until competent, adult supervision is provided. Make sure that you have emergency numbers like poison control handy and never leave a child unattended. If you must leave the room – use baby monitors to give you an extra set of ears. Supervision is everything. No device, gadget or product can protect a child that is not being watched. Accidents happen quickly! Stay alert and remain on guard.

If you think something might be dangerous – it probably is!

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