Furniture for mom and dad in Baby Bedroom

There are other furniture items that can make the baby bedroom a more comfortable and functional room, apart from the baby crib . Mom and dad will find that a soft armchair or glider will be indispensable for nursing and soothing their baby to sleep. A changing table with adequate storage space for diapers and wipes is very convenient to have. A place to store all the baby gear and odds and ends is another furniture item that will make life easier for mom and dad in baby bedroom .

Seating options in baby bedroom

An old-fashioned rocking chair and a modern glider are both good choices when it comes to getting a chair that parent and child will feel comfortable in. The rocking or gliding motion provides a soothing rhythm that most babies enjoy. A good rocking chair will rock easily and silently, so that the baby is minimally disturbed when nursing or rocking to sleep.

Having an ottoman at the foot of the chair is a must have for parents who want to put their feet up and relax. Some matching ottomans are designed to glide along with the chair. Rocking chairs and gliders come in different sizes and with different types of cushioning and back support. Try out a range of chairs at the furniture store to find one that is most comfortable for you. Some chairs are able to recline and lock into position. Your chair should also be roomy enough to accommodate a baby in your arms.

Besides a chair for nursing, you may also want to consider having extra seating for dad and other adults who come to visit. A couple of armchairs can form a small seating area in a spacious nursery. Or you can have a simple window seat by pushing a bench or toy box against the wall and placing cushions on top.

Choosing a changing table

A changing table in the baby bedroom should provide a flat surface at a convenient height for you to change the diapers on your little one. Some have a low rail at the sides that keeps the changing pad in place and your baby from falling off the side. Some changing tables are constructed with drawers or open shelving below that can be stocked with the necessary supplies.

Most parents find that a regular dresser serves well as a changing table. This is a preferable option especially if you are taller or shorter than average and have difficulty finding a changing table that doesn’t strain your back or impede your movements. Since dressers come in a range of heights, it should be easy to find one that is the most convenient for you.

Storage options

Extra blankets, towels, clothes, baby care and first aid supplies, and toys are just some of the many items that need to be put away in a baby’s bedroom. You may find that a dresser is all the storage space you need. However, it may also be convenient to have a bookcase or shelving unit that allows easy access to items in baskets or boxes.

A wardrobe that accommodates hanging items and has higher shelves to keep dangerous items out of reach of little hands is another option.

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