Alphabet Games

One of the ways you can use to teach alphabet is via alphabet games. Playing game coupled with any formal teaching will greatly enhance a child's learning experience. The following are example of some alphabet games you can play with young children :

Arranging alphabets

Using a set of alphabet cards (you can make your own cards by writing or printing on cardboard), have your child arrange the 26 letters of the alphabets in the correct sequence on the floor.

Alphabet puzzle

You can make this puzzle yourself. Cut out pictures from magazines that begins with each letter of the alphabets. Stick it on pieces of cardboard (you can recycle cereal boxes by cutting them into rectangle of same sizes). Underneath each picture, write or print the first alphabet relating to the picture. Underneath the alphabet, spell out fully the name of the picture. To make it into a 2 piece puzzle for each of the card, cut in between the picture and the alphabet as creatively as you can for example, a curve or a zig-zag line.

Mix up the pieces and have your child identify a picture, find the alphabet relating to it and fix up the puzzle.

Missing alphabet

Lay out a set of alphabet cards in alphabetical order. Have the children close their eyes. Take one card away. Ask them to open their eyes and identify which letter is missing.

Words beginning with an alphabet

Pick an alphabet at random and get the child to come out with as many words as she can beginning with the letter chosen.

Alphabet Old Maid

You need at least three players for this game. Make two sets of alphabet cards, and include one blank card. Each player should have between 6 and 8 cards. The pack should be made up of pairs plus the blank card ie you will have odd number of total cards. Shuffle and deal out the cards. Each player checks their hands for any pairs, and places them face up in front of them if they have any. A player starts by turning to the player on his left, and takes a card (without looking at it!) from his hand. If it makes a pair with one in his hand, he can put it down on the table. Play continues around the circle until one player is left holding the blank card and is called the "Old Maid".

Upper and lower case alphabet games

Make two set of alphabet cards, one printed with upper case and the other with lower case. Mix up the pieces and have your child match the upper case card with its respective lower case card.

Matching alphabet games

Cut out pictures from magazines and picking a alphabet randomly, have your child identify pictures that starts with the alphabet chosen.

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