Kid Paper Craft

The following are some simple ideas for kid paper craft. More paper craft ideas will be added from time to time, so do remember to check back often.

Paper Necklace

This is a good hands on activity for children. When they string their "beads" they will beimproving their eye hand coordination.

Materials needed:
- Any type of paper (construction paper, magazines paper, left overs wrapping paper)
- A round pencil 
- White glue 
- Scissors 
- Yarn or string 
- Glitter 
- Paint (blo-pens are fun with this)

1. Cut thin rectangular strips of paper. 
2. Place a very small amount of glue on one edge of the paper. 
3. Wrap the paper around the pencil with the un-glued side overlapping the glued piece. 
4. When the glue is dry, slip the "beads" off of the pencil. 
5. Decorate with glue and glitter or paint the "beads". 
6. String the yarn through the "beads" and tie it at the end to make a necklace or bracelet.

Rainbow kid paper craft

This is a great craft for reinforcing a lesson on circles or on the fraction "half".

Materials needed:
- Construction papers in various colors : red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple 
- Scissors 
- Pencil 
- Glue

1. Draw a 9" circle on the red paper, 8" circle on the orange, 7" circle on the yellow and so on. 
2. Cut out the circles.
3. Glue them one on top of the other from biggest to smallest.
4. Fold or cut in half to make a rainbow.

Ice Cream Cones paper craft

Materials needed:
- Construction paper : brown, red, yellow, orange, green 
- Scissors 
- Glue

1. Cut a long triangle out of brown construction paper to be the cone. 
2. Cut a couple of circles of different colors of construction paper to be the ice cream. 
3. Cut a small red circle to make a cherry. 
4. Glue your ice cream cone together: triangle, circle, circle, cherry

Hand Print Camp Fire

Materials needed:
- Construction paper : brown, yellow, and orange 
- Scissors 
- Spray glue 
- Glitter

1. Trace the child's hands, one on orange paper and the other on yellow paper. 
2. Cut out two log shapes from brown construction paper. 
3. Glue hands and logs together to form camp fire. 
4. Spray glue on the hands and sprinkle on glitter.

Paper Lantern

Materials needed:
- Construction paper 
- Scissors 
- White glue or tape 
- Optional materials : tiny stickers, markers, crayons to decorate the strips of the lantern

1. Fold the piece of construction paper in half. 
2. Along the folded side, cut evenly spaced slashes up to about 1 1/2 inches of the open side.
3. Optional: Decorate with stickers, crayons, etc. 
4. Open the paper up and then roll it into a tude lengthwise so the slashes run up and down.
5. Glue or tape the edges of the paper together. 
6. Press the lantern together while holding it at top and bottom to help define it's shape. 
7. Cut another strip of paper (approx. 8" x 1") and attach it to the top of your lantern with glue or tape to make a handle.

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