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Welcome to my blog on parenting toddlers and young children. It will give you the latest thoughts on parenting young children and also inform you of any new pages added into this website.

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Teach Your Child To READ in 12 Weeks
Reading stimulates intellectual development
and makes your baby Smarter.
CLICK HERE to watch a 2 year old child read!

Alphabet songs for teaching your child the ABC

Various version of alphabet songs that can be used for teaching children the alphabets or ABC.

Continue reading "Alphabet songs for teaching your child the ABC"

Choosing a Toy Box

Choosing a Toy Box for Your Toddler

Continue reading "Choosing a Toy Box"

Tips on choosing a baby crib

What to look for when shopping for a baby crib

Continue reading "Tips on choosing a baby crib"

Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Safety Concerns with Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Continue reading "Childrens Bedroom Furniture"

Baby room themes, colors and patterns

Themes, Colors and Patterns for Baby Room

Continue reading "Baby room themes, colors and patterns"

Other furnitures in baby bedroom

Furniture for mom and dad in baby bedroom

Continue reading "Other furnitures in baby bedroom"

Alphabet soup recipe

Alphabet soup recipe

Continue reading "Alphabet soup recipe"

Child toy chests - safety tips and checklist

Safety consideration when buying child toy chests. Includes also a toy chests checklist.

Continue reading "Child toy chests - safety tips and checklist"

Toddler Nutrition

The right nutrition is very important to a toddler’s growth and development. Find out what is essential toddler nutrition.

Continue reading "Toddler Nutrition"

Healthy eating for kid

Tips on healthy eating for kid

Continue reading "Healthy eating for kid"

Toddler Eating Problems

Common toddler eating problems and how do you deal with it

Continue reading "Toddler Eating Problems"

Some common child fingerplays

Easy child fingerplays for parents that help improve child's vocabulary and language skills

Continue reading "Some common child fingerplays"

Child birthday party ideas and tips

Some child birthday party ideas and tips to help you plan a child's birthday party

Continue reading "Child birthday party ideas and tips"

Parenting Toddlers News

Parenting Toddlers News from around the globe.

Continue reading "Parenting Toddlers News"

Work from home on computers

Ideas to Work from home on computers for moms and dads who wants to spend more time with their children and at the same time do something that they love

Continue reading "Work from home on computers"

Child Discipline

Child discipline is a process to help children distinguish between the good and bad behaviours. Find out when and how to start disciplining them.

Continue reading "Child Discipline"

Choosing age appropriate child games for your child development

How to choose the appropriate child games for different stages of your child development

Continue reading "Choosing age appropriate child games for your child development"

More activity for toddler ideas

More activity for toddler ideas for parents and teachers

Continue reading "More activity for toddler ideas"

Choosing child safety gate

Some guidelines and features to look out for when choosing child safety gate

Continue reading "Choosing child safety gate "

Toddler Home Safety Tips

Accidents do happen at home and mostly children are involved. Toddler home safety should be paramount in a parents’ mind. Find out why and how to minimize the risks.

Continue reading "Toddler Home Safety Tips "

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