Photo Contest
for your child

Photo contest! Have you been hearing from people how cute your baby is? Then it is time to submit them for a photography contest. Your child can win great prizes in some of these cute baby contests and may even get spotted by talent agencies.

The following are some of the available places where you can submit your baby or kid photos for online contest:


Membership to is free. All CuteKid™ Members can upload photos for free onto their Special and Monthly Galleries. For inclusion into the monthly contest, there is a fee of $19.95 per photo. 

When you join the contest, the contestants will receive a free 11x14 canvas portrait and a full year Subscription to Parent Magazine. The Grand Prize Winner walks away with a $25,000 College Fund. There are also monthly prizes to be won.

A panel of Professional Talent and Casting Agents will review every Photo entered to select the month’s Finalists and Winner. They are also giving out dozens of bonus prizes and cash for Sneak Peak and Bonus contests. Your child may even get a chance to be spotted by the right Talent and Casting Agents.

OurCuteBabies Photo Contest

This site offers free monthly contest. You can upload as many photos as you wish. There are many categories that you can enter your photos for such as action shots, closeups, siblings, cute and adorable, great smiles, beautiful eyes, holiday snaps, family photos, outdoor photos and many more.

Winners are determined by votes, both yours and the judges. No mention of any prizes but the winning photos will be featured in their magazine.

There is also a separate Magazine Cover Photo Contest. There is a entry fee starting from $6.95 per photo with discount for multiple photo entries. Photos are judged on technical and artistic merit and will include personality, charm and cuteness. Winners will receive a free magazine besides being featured on their magazines front and back covers.

CuteKid Contest

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