Parenting Magazine Subscription

There are various parenting magazine subscription available today which provides parents with plenty of resources to assist them in their role as parents.

The following are some magazines that provide useful information for parents with children of different ages :

Working Mother Magazine - $9.97

Retail Price: $21.00
You Save: $11.03

This magazine is edited for career-committed working mothers who have made the decision to raise a family while pursuing their personal growth to manage a successful career. The magazine provides advice on child care, children's education, growth and development, health and well-being, personal health, fashion and beauty, career options, work/family issues, family finances, food and nutrition.

FamilyFun Magazine - $11.95

Retail Price: $39.50
You Save: $27.55

This is a guide for getting maximum enjoyment from family life for involved parents of children ages 3-12. Its feature articles provide ideas for recreational activities for the home or car, travel and vacation tips (including airline and hotel information), craft ideas and educational toys which can be used at home.

You can also get a digital version at a lower price. Click HERE for FamilyFun Digital.

Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine - $9.97

Retail Price: $26.55
You Save: $16.58

This is an invaluable resource for parents who desire to play an active role in all aspects of their childs development and learning. Published bimonthly.

Parents Magazine - $9.97

Retail Price: $42.00
You Save: $32.03

This parenting magazine publishes scientific information on child development to inform parents who wish to raise their children in the healthiest ways possible. It focuses on child health, safety, behavior, education and more. Each issue contains advice and information written by trusted pediatricians.

Real Simple Magazine - $23.88

Retail Price: $54.00
You Save: $30.12

Useful magazine for any woman who is managing a stressful work life or wants to save on things like home decoration and the many costs of raising children. It feature articles about homekeeping, childcare, cooking and emotional wellbeing.

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